In order to do effective marketing, especially young companies and start-ups often do not have too much budget available. However, the desired success is unlikely to come about if no marketing is done at all. 

In order to successfully acquire new customers even on a small budget, it is therefore necessary to focus primarily on inexpensive marketing solutions. The following article shows which tips young start-ups should use to attract business customers.

Optimised Internet presence

For young companies, an Internet presence forms the basis for successful marketing. When optimising the website, it is very important that the users find exactly the answers they are looking for on the website. The needs of the target group should always be the focus of website optimisation – this will positively influence visitors to carry out the call-to-action as desired. 

The future success of a company is largely dependent on the optimisation of its own website, which is why a lot of time should be invested in this point. Potential new customers are deterred by an unprofessional website and are thus directed directly to the competition. 

Expert positioning at industry events 

If young start-ups succeed in positioning themselves as experts in a particular field, an important foundation has already been laid. Valuable contacts can be made at relevant events in the respective industry, interest in their own company can be awakened and innovative ideas can be made known. 

Founders should therefore always be informed about meetings, conferences, supra-regional and regional trade fairs. If you do not have your own exhibition equipment, it can be rented from many suppliers at relatively favourable conditions. The use of inexpensive advertising materials, such as Taschentücher bedruckt with the company logo, also proves to be extremely profitable in order to increase one’s own awareness. 

Thorough preparation and organisation of participation in the respective events is also indispensable – after all, there is no second chance for a first impression. This means that the product or service is always in focus. Furthermore, it is better to plan too much than too little staff for the stand, so that no visitor has to put up with too long waiting times. In order to successfully master the positioning as an expert, the stand must be staffed by competent personalities who communicate with the visitors.  

The importance of the first customers

The first customers always play an extremely important role for start-ups. After all, their opinion is decisive for the further development of services and products. It is therefore advisable to offer extensive opportunities for evaluations and to actively request feedback. 

As a first step, it can also be extremely worthwhile to make it possible for consumers to test products or services free of charge. In this way, people’s desire for ownership and curiosity can be addressed. If the satisfied testers then give positive ratings, online marketing will benefit greatly from this. Authentic customer reviews are extremely attractive to new visitors and their trust in the respective provider is strengthened. 

Creative use of social media

Social media marketing is of immense importance especially for start-ups. Increasing the awareness of a new company and realising effective advertising campaigns is particularly easy – and above all, inexpensive – in social networks. 

Instagram, for example, is ideal for building up an authentic brand with a strong character, while Facebook offers the possibility of very target group-oriented campaigns. 

Creative competitions on these platforms can, for example, already significantly increase the reach.