When Should You Consider Renovating Your Home?

You can approach your home renovations with an open mind, but ensure you base your plans in reality. You need the right people to complete the job. Also important for a successful project is knowing your budget and when it is the right time to fit a remodel into your schedule. Home renovations have an intrinsic level of complexity. This can increase depending on your level of involvement and degree of knowledge about what you want when renovating the site.  So when should you consider renovating your home and how do you prepare for it?


When Should You Consider Renovating Your Home?

Most experts recommend that you update or upgrade your property once every 15 to 20 years. This keeps your home looking fresh and current, while also ensuring you maintain its best structural condition. Of course, the condition of your property to start with determines how soon or how often you should renovate.

To understand whether your home needs renovation, consider some key questions:

  • How old is your home?
  • When did the last renovations take place?
  • Do you need a whole-home makeover?
  • Do you need only certain spaces updated or improved?
  • What are the priorities in updating your home?
  • Do you have the time and budget for this project?

By bearing all of these answers in mind, you better understand your position in needing to remodel your home. When you do decide to go through home renovations, ensure you seek the help of experts. Hiring the right contractors keeps you in code compliance, on time and budget during your big project. More important than anything, you get the results you want.

Man doing renovation work at home together with his small yellow dog

Preparing for Home Renovation

Wanting to renovate is one thing. Preparing and being ready for that renovation is another. You are best served by keeping your expectations reasonable to maintain peace of mind during the project. Consider some things you can do to prepare yourself and your property, below. If you want to renovate your bathroom, consider upgrading your toilet to a self-contained sanicompact one. It is easy to install and has macerator, so it does not require a traditional waste pipe. This is also the reason why it is easier to install than standard toilets.


Timing is a big consideration in any home renovation. If you have young children at home, consider timing the start of your remodel in fall as they go back to school. But be wary of scheduling this work when you want to host family or friends for the holidays. An unfinished kitchen, bathroom or other living space can certainly put a damper on your celebrations.

Protect Your Furnishings

Tile floor replacement puts a lot of dust, dirt, and debris in your surroundings. The same is true of construction. Ensure you protect your furnishings and your family’s wellness by having the contractor sheet off the work areas. This minimizes the dirt that gets into your environment.

Also remember to remove pictures from walls, furniture from the work area and valuables from where they can suffer damage. Clear pathways for the construction crew and try to stay out of their way.

Remember to Keep Pets Safe

Pets face increased anxiety and fear during a home renovation. Your four-legged friends can escape from the home easily with more people coming and going. Curiosity can kill the cat if you let him or her roam into construction areas.

Remember to keep your pets safely crated during construction. Or take them to a pet daycare for social interaction and calm while the work crew uses loud equipment. You can also take them for walks more often or have a friend babysit during the work period.

Consider Your Schedule

If you work from home, have kids or work nights, you must remember that construction involves a lot of noise and daytime activity. This can affect your ability to maintain a regular schedule. It also disrupts the normalcy children prefer.

If possible, come up with alternative plans for your workplace or schedule. Find new ways to entertain the children outside of your home. Otherwise, stay focused on your project’s goals and completion date, as well as the improvements renovation brings to your home. With a little patience and a few changes to your daily routine, you can make it through!