Do you want to watch your favorite sports online for free? Are you tired of always looking for new websites but not finding one which you can rely on? Then this post is just for you. Find out which websites offer live sports for free, including NBA and EPL. There is just something about basketball and football that gets South Koreans going. They are sports that South Koreans love to watch.

Internet has changed the way sports are broadcasted. Those days are gone when people had to watch sports on TV and even watch those ads. Now, people can simply go online and watch their favorite sports live. However, there is an abundance of websites which can make it overwhelming to find a website that offers live sports for free. This post looks at these websites for you so that you don’t get lost when you go online.

NBA and EPL are popular sports among South Koreans, especially those that have spent some time abroad. Both sports are fun to watch and have a dedicated worldwide fan-base. These sports are widely broadcasted in South Korea. As the rules are easy to understand and since South Koreans already play a lot of football, they can easily start watching NBA or EPL. As the world is becoming a global village, NBA and EPL are only likely to become more popular in South Korea. It is a good idea to start watching these sports early on by checking out the websites mentioned below.



Ever since its launch, Mt-Police has made a name for itself. From the moment, you visit 사설토토, you will come across all sorts of sports, including NBA and EPL. It is your one-stop destination to all things sports. Never miss out on a sports match ever again when you use Mt-Police. The website has been designed to make your experience a great one. Keep updated with all the latest results and see matches in real-time. It will also allow you to participate in sports Toto sites. When you know the latest results, you will be better able to bet on a team.

South Koreans love to use sports Toto sites and Mt-Police will increase their chances of winning. Mt-Police is in Korean which makes it easier for South Koreans to use the website. There is simply nothing like Mt-Police. The website is extremely popular in the country and just about everyone knows about it. There is something for everyone on Mt-Police. It has raised the bar when it comes to free sports broadcasting. There are chat zones on the website and Mt-Police is committed to ensuring that viewers have a safe experience on the website. It offers sports analysis, live scores and much more. Just about everything related to sports has been covered by the website.

Mt-Police offers 100 percent free live streaming for all local sports events and those abroad. It provides sports broadcasts for all sports overseas at your convenience. Watch all type of sport events from around the world on Mt-Police, including NBA, MLB, and the Football Premier League. Moreover, NFL broadcasts, domestic league matches, UFC and tennis are also available on the website. If there is no video of the sports broadcast, you can always refresh the page so that the sports broadcast video appears. The website is committed to its viewers and if anyone has an issue, they can contact Mt-Police customer service center for their issue to be solved immediately.


Naver Media

Naver Media is a popular sports streaming site in South Korea. Locals and expats living in South Korea rely on Naver Media with their sports needs. The reason for its success is the fact that sports from abroad are perfectly shown on the website. Naver Media is the perfect solution to everything sports-related. It is the best website that allows you to watch your favorite league or team.

Watch NBA, EPL, MLB, NFL, or NHL games on Naver Media as it is the most reliable option out there. It also offers an online viewing package for those of you that are interested in a special sports viewing experience. Various plans are provided by Naver Media and each option has great quality content.

Moreover, Naver Sports is also a popular option for those of you that are short of cash. It is a division of Naver which is the Google of Korea. Free and legal streams are offered by Naver Sports for soccer, basketball, baseball and other niche sports that tend to be popular in South Korea. Although Naver Sports is useful, it does have a few drawbacks which should be considered such as the fact that the majority of programming is in Korean, the games have to be watched live, and to access the stream you need the patience to click though various links until the right one has been figured out and a basic understanding of Korean.

Now, some of the drawbacks might affect you, which is why you should decide accordingly. However, some of these are relatively minor. It simply depends on the user as some of the drawbacks should not be much of an issue. But, no matter how small or big the drawback if for you, the fact is that the games are to be watched.

The best way to know which games would be available ahead of team requires you to know that particular team’s roster. It will help you gauge whether the game would be shown. Keep in mind that if a Korean athlete is playing on the team, then the chances of a stream being available for that team’s games are always high. You can expect for the live stream to be available. For Texas Rangers (Choo Shin Soo), Pittsburg Pirages (Kang Jung Ho), and Los Angeles Dodgers (Ryu Hyun Jin) are just some of the names you can expect.

Now even if there is no Korean that is playing on a team, Naver Sports still does a great job at showing some of the popular and important games. For instance, you can be sure that NBA playoffs games will be available to watch.

To watch games on Sports Naver, sports enthusiasts should head over to It offers an overview of the games that are being played at present. The blue banner will show all the current games. It can be found at the top of the screen. The spotlight games are shown just below the banner. These tend to be games that have more popular showings. You can either rely on your Korean to navigate the website and find a stream for a game or fumble through various links until you figure out which link is the one you need. There are plenty of catalogue of games that can be watched on Naver Sports. It is absolutely free and the high-quality of the streams will make ensure that you have an excellent experience. Enjoy your favorite game on Naver Sports.


Sports Streaming 24

Sports Streaming 24 is a popular sports streaming website in South Korea. It posts the latest sports live scores, sports analysis, interviews and matches. Just about every major sport and league is covered by the website. If you want to watch NBA and EPL for free, then Sports Streaming 24 is the website for you. It can be easily accessed. From the moment you visit the website, you will be taken aback by the variety of options offered by the website. It is simply something that every sports enthusiast would love.

Head over to Sports Streaming 24 to watch your favorite sports match live. Just about every sport can be watched on the website. Both domestic and international sports can be watched on the website. You are just a click away from watching the latest match on the website.

Sports Streaming 24 regularly updates all the content on its website so that you do not have to go anywhere. Just a visit to the website will instantly update you on the latest news related to your favorite sport. South Koreans visit the website every single day to watch their favorite sports.



SBS ESPN is a sport broadcasting company and website that has been made in collaboration with ESPN. It is a website that covers just about every type of sport, from NBA to EPL. No sport is left out by SBS ESPN. With the expertise of ESPN, SBS ESPN is a powerhouse when it comes to broadcasting sports. Watch all your favorite sports for free on this website. Live broadcasting sports just got a lot easier with SBS ESPN.

With the latest live scores, sports analysis, interviews and a lot more at your convenience, SBS ESPN is every South Korean’s favorite sports website. People of all ages rely on this website for their sports needs. They are never left behind when it comes to the latest news as SBS ESPN only shows the latest news covering domestic and international sports matches.

All your favorite teams can be watched on SBS ESPN. Whether you are into EPL or La Liga, there is something for everyone on this website. SBS ESPN only broadcasts authentic sport matches and nothing less than genuine is broadcasted. Thus, they have set the standard high when it comes to broadcasting sports.


Online Sports Live Stream

If live streaming is something you have been having a hard time with, then Online Sports Live Stream is just the website for you. Just about every popular sport is broadcasted on this website. Even niche sports like table tennis can be found on Online Sports Live Stream. It is a website that is truly dedicated to its craft. The best thing about the website is the fact that it features the dates and times of the sport match and then lets you watch it at your convenience. It is a live sports broadcasting website that has mastered the art of sports broadcasting.

The website is extremely easy to use and the information posted on the website regularly is reliable. This means you do not have to visit a bunch of websites to know what time a match would be available live. It is all these small details that make a website perfect. Online Sports Live Stream is a website that is absolutely free and can be accessed 24/7. No matter what time of the day or night you want to watch your favorite sport, you can watch it on Online Sports Live Stream. Make sure to grab a packet of chips because once you visit the website, you will be on it for a while. It is time that you understood the beauty of online sports steams with Online Sports Live Stream. The website can be accessed from just about anywhere.



South Korea is a country that has truly risen from ashes. It is a powerhouse when it comes to technology. With Samsung and K-Pop under its belt, the country has set the standard high for other East Asian countries. There is a lot that the world can learn from this country. Sports are something that make South Koreans feel alive. NBA and EPL in particular are widely watched throughout the country.

Online sports broadcasting companies and websites have changed the way sports are watched. More and more people in the country have started to watch their favorite sport online. No one has the patience to sit near their TV to watch a sports match when they can simply watch the match on their phone or tablet. Besides, there are no ads that one would have to deal with. Mt-Police is one of the most popular sports website in South Korea. If you are not sure which website you should check out, then Mt-Police is just the website you need to check out. It is easy to browse and posts sports analysis regularly. This means that even if you don’t have the time to watch the entire match, you can still know about the match.