Where to order Organic & Healthy Soups in Germany

Nowadays jobs are very demanding and the world is spinning like a crazy pinwheel and in all that chaos we often forget about our health because work and becoming successful becomes the main priority we somehow forget to eat properly and staying healthy. After all, in the world of technology, we can easily order junk food which most of the time is unhealthy and harmful for our health and body. And while we are consuming that food in between the long work hours somewhere our conscious is telling us that it’s bad for us and we have to do something about it. And after that, some people are diet conscious and some want the gluten-free meal.

So the question that recurs every day is: What should I eat? Because most people know with their own experience that lunch is seldom optimal at work: time is short, colleagues are waiting, the time of the next meeting is pending and you have neither time nor inclination to talk about it to worry about his lunch meal. This daily struggle usually ends in the usual canteen, with a visit to the bakery, supermarket, or the snack bar around the corner.


The inspiration behind Little Lunch:

After experiencing the very same problems in the eating habit while managing a full-time job and being a bad eater just got tired of worrying about what to eat in the office every day, they realized that there is a lot that can be done to make it better. So in June 2014 Denis and Daniel founded Little Lunch after giving it a lot of thought, tested many options, and planned until it was clear that soup was the perfect solution, as their delicious soups and stews and it shows you a quick and wholesome, sustainable and nutrition-conscious way out of the noon dead end.

The journey that has started as the first five vegan and gluten-free soups. Since then they are providing quick and easy and above all tasty alternatives to unhealthy fast food with their food, especially for those who have decided to eat very consciously despite their job. Their soups and sauces are very convenient and quickly made by customers you only have to warm it up and then enjoy a wholesome and tasty meal which is ideal for saving time at lunchtime or after work and it is still doing good to your body and soul.


Soups Range:

Initially, their soup range started with five vegan and gluten-free soups. But in the meantime, their soup family has grown to thirteen more making it a total of nineteen soups and stews. Little Lunch also offers a whole new range of delicious four organic sauces: Bolognese soup, Tomato go, Dal masala, and Vegetable curry. They also took the traditional soups and give them a tasty twist their famous soups are Carrot soup turns, Pumpkin soup, Protein Bwol, Little Italy, Thai Curry, Red lentil soup, and the classic Tomato soup these are vegan soups and stew.

But they are now offering non-vegetarian variants for all the meat lovers there is chicken soup “Little Chicken”, Goulash Soup, and Chili Con Carne. And there are all four, of course, as usual in the best organic quality. They also have Vegan Asian Thai Curry with green beans and Coconut milk and the Vegan Moroccan vegetable stew all are in great demand in the little Lunch Family.



Organic and Tasty Alternative:

Little lunch products are the all-over tasty and healthy alternative of junk food which is all organic and natural too. Their hearty and quick-to-prepare soups, stews, and sauces give you a quick burst of energy with quickly available carbohydrates at lunchtime, which disappears as suddenly as it sets in, they rely on high-quality, nutrient-rich organic ingredients and sustainable satiety for their soups, stews, and sauces. A small proportion of water and a high proportion of vegetables fill you up and provide long-term energy without unnecessarily stressing the body. Anyone who has special demands on their diet – such as low-carb or gluten-free – will find the exact details of ingredients and nutritional values ​​on every glass and can thus tailor each meal to their individual needs. Even calorie-conscious gourmets can eat so deliciously without having to always have a salad.


All-Natural with No added Preservatives:

While the other boxed or bottle item is full of artificial flavor and added preservative and contain harmful ingredients the customer intends to look for healthy alternatives within their buying power. This is where Little Lunch comes in with their all-natural, vegan, non-vegan, gluten-free, no added colors or flavors or any of the artificial flavor or ingredients. And thanks to their particularly high proportion of vegetables, their organic soups are pleasantly full of experiencing afternoon low. And after these many years past they stayed true to their principle of being: 100% Organic, # no plastic, and, of course, no artificial additives.


Many alike products are not very sustainable after opened once, but in the case of Little Lunch thanks to their gentle production process, their soups can be kept for months without being refrigerated for 24 months while maintaining the same quality and taste. Because they think organic products should also dress properly. So they away from the plastic and put their product into the glass. So the Order of their soups will be packed in stylish cardboard boxes made of 100% recycled cardboard, are then C02-neutral on their way to you. To protect the glass from breakage, they use their recycled paper waste packed in pretty paper packets as Upholstery material. So their empty jars and cardboard boxes can be easily recycled after use by returning them to the appropriate container.

Lizza & Gefro:

Lizza: It is also an online store that is famous to sells healthy pizzas and delicious diet products at discounted prices. It offers a real alternative to pizza. Lizza Gutschein offers a wide range of high-quality health products like a pizza base, box, fresh dough, cookbook, wrap, pasta, curler, pasta ler, tomato sauce, gold fat, and much more. All of these healthy products are useful and delicious. In this busy life, it is so difficult to maintain our diet. This is how the store works and creates a range of high-quality diet products to keep you fit and alert. For the people who want a change from soups, Visit the store now and buy your desired healthy products with time and cost savings. Just place your order and have it on. the next route home.


The long-established company GEFRO has been offering nutrition-conscious consumers products since 1924, which are predominantly made from plants and are therefore particularly digestible. In keeping with the company’s philosophy, the company stands for high-quality sauces, soups, and condiments from the Allgäu. In addition to the classic variants, GEFRO now also offers many of its products in organic quality. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free – that is the variety of products from GEFRO. It is offering soups, sauces, spices, salad sets, safflower oil, herbal seasoning, and many more products at discounted prices.

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