Which movies have wildly different executions of basically the same plot?

Apart from having different styles, Marvel movies have almost given out the same story. We can relate to this from Iron Man 2008 all the way to movies such as Black Widow.

When we talk of movies sharing different methods of execution, we want to talk about the style of a technique of a given film. Movie fans are different, some get satisfaction from fight scenes, others want to see love in the air, and so on.

Over the years, there have been a lot of scene executions in American films. In the MCU, most executions have been presented in a theatrical fashion with the take on action movies and comics. Let’s take the example of Black Panther and Shang-Chi.

Both characters have a cultural Marvel experience; what difference would you tell in both characters? Is there any diversity between the two? Undoubtedly, there are so many connections between the two, though their movies had different executions.


If you are a Marvel fanatic, you cannot miss noting that the early days of Avengers: Endgame development seems alike with Avengers: Infinity War’s former days. Does it mean the two films were planned together? For a perfect roundup of the first development, I suggest you watch Avengers movies in chronological order; things become clearer when once you rewatch. Both seem to stress the need to know one’s own identity and embrace the culture.

Can we have another example?

Black Panther and Captain Marvel.

Sticking to the same plot is not bad. Are fans not interested in inconsistency? This is one reason which has made MCU an icon in Hollywood.

Let’s dive into the DC universe too.

Sorry to say this. Unlike Marvel, which seems to have some great consistency, DC movies have had their ups and downs. But this has not stopped DC from getting some of the best-adored films, such as The Suicide Squad and Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The DC universe is somehow smaller than Marvel’s world and may not give us a hectic time to get the movies with different carry-outs with the same plot.

It’s time to look back and see which movies could have different executions but seem to stick to a formula.


Movies that have widely different executions of basically the same plot in Marvel

The Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End game

Starting with the Marvel movies, our minds would get wrapped up in the Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End game. Both wouldn’t stop one from thinking whether one’s life is worth more than many.

Shared plot: Do you feel a sense of doubt and failure towards the end of the Avengers: Infinity War? Is this the same case with Avengers: End game?

Again, Infinity War seems to have a constant tone all through, but what about the Avengers: End game? It seems far drearier, at first, and stayed the same for the 3-hour watch time.

Can we touch on the footing?

It seems Thanos in Infinity War was eager to eliminate anyone who had survived Ragnarok; this was towards the end of Thor 3; this was tough compared to Avengers: End Game. Thanos became the hunted one and died in the hands of Thor. Was there no one to prevent the snap?

Anyone can note the difference in the footing between the two, but the end game is one saga about failure.

Ant-Man and Wasp

Shared plot: Both are seemingly entertaining films. The film is kind of fun to watch, but also frustrating. Notably, there is seemingly a version of the conflict that seems tougher than those resolved by a fistfight.

Characters like Janet, Scott got reunited as they could be seen carrying out some stuff in the Quantum Realm. But Scott had to explain to Janet what happened while he was away in the Quantum Realm. And while Scotts shrunk down, Hope, Hank, and Janet seemed to be eagerly waiting to get in touch with Scott. Scott tried to get into contact but could only hear some waves in the communication device.

Later the three (Hank, Hope, and Janet) went back to the real world and were seen standing in piles of ash. The connection came in when Thanos snapped his fingers and wiped half of humanity. Among those who we vaporized were among the great superheroes. It is a safe bet to think that Hank, Hope, and Janet were amidst those who disappeared.

No need to fret as we have previously seen some of those who died coming back to life in other sequels.

And at the end of it all, fans are left with the question of will Anti-Man, and the Wasp will return?


Movies that have widely different executions of basically the same plot in DC

In DC movies, my favorite would be Wonder Woman and Man of Steel. Both movies have the same plot but a few differences in executions.

Shared plot: Wonder Woman began on the island of Themyscira while Man of steel came way up from Krypton. Both have a way to protect humanity, not forgetting the falling in love aspects.

Can you remember Clark meeting Lois Lane and how Lane believed in Clark? What about Diana meeting Trevor?

There is a show of human love as Trevor fights to show what he believes in.

To be clear, when we talk about the same plot, we mean that the movies are the same. Wonder Woman’s execution is quite different from Man of Steel in the characters, writers, and setting.

Suicide Squad and Birds of prey

The Suicide Squad has a new tone, use of new weapons, and a new appearance. There was too much time spent, and Harley has a perfect space to change from to her breakup.

She had a chance to impart her wisdom to James Gunn; anyone who is keen cannot miss her running mouth. Both movies seem to be comics that come to life.

Shared plot: Birds of Prey learned a lesson from the breakup with the Joker and what they could not share together. Harley Quinn fans were almost on their heels seeing how she was portrayed in the Suicide Squad. But they were pleased to find out that her journey to be more independent in the Birds of Prey was not ignored.  Both movies taught how to focus on one’s personality.