Many believed that the only reason why you need to go on an orthodontist is for you to have a straighter smile. An orthodontist is a dentist who underwent advanced training in order to make the teeth move. They are experts when it comes to realigning crooked teeth so you can have a straight and healthy smile. However, there are also other situations when you need to see pennant hills orthodontist. Here are some of those:


To align your jaw

When dentists see a patient and noticed that there is a bad bite, they usually refer them to the orthodontist. A bad bite can be identified as overbite, an irregular bite, or crossbite. This will cause a misaligned jaw, and it could affect your overall dental health. If you have a bad bite, your jaw muscles or tooth enamel will be worn down. Orthodontist offers treatment to correct bad bites. This could be a simple treatment or complicated steps like surgery. They will first examine and assess your bite then discuss the issues present and will present you with the available treatment option.


Expansion of Palate

Fixing the palate is an important process, especially for younger ones. This is a process where orthodontist will use a palatal expander to slowly expand the roof of the mouth, allowing it to grow outwards. The expander will help the teeth to grow normally without overcrowding. On this treatment, there could be some pressure, but the result is worth it. It will give your teeth and mouth a room to form a beautiful smile. The effect is long-lasting too.


Reduce dental problems

If you are having orthodontic problems, it can give you a headache, pain, and other pressures that make your mouth uncomfortable. The only way to heal this is to have a full treatment. Not only you’ll have a smile that will look good, but you will also feel good. Some problems like a bad bite or crowded teeth increase the number of cavities and will make it harder to chew, a visit to an orthodontist can make a great difference.

Taking time to visit an orthodontist on a regular basis, especially for kids will ensure that your teeth are healthy. It will also help you have a beautiful smile for longer years. When you visit an orthodontist’s office, they will clean your teeth and remove tartar and plaque that is building around your teeth. They will also give you advice on how to keep your teeth healthy. And if there are specific problems that they will find, they will make sure to address them. Even if you always brush your teeth and do some floss, cleaning done by orthodontist make a great difference.

Visiting an orthodontist regularly will make them able to spot early teeth and gums problems earlier than you would be able to notice on your own. Commonly, you won’t notice some dental problems because they don’t start to become painful, and it’s not quite visible. And by the time you see it or feel it, they have become advanced that it becomes so bad. It means that you will need to have some major treatment to fix the problem.

Overall, anytime you have a question about your teeth, jaw, or gums, you should visit an orthodontist. Note that orthodontists are not only necessary for kids. It is also necessary for adults. However, it is recommended that when children reached the age of seven, they should pay a visit even if there are no problems. This is because the jaw is still in the process of developing, and this is the best time to catch and correct issues early.