Western countries are racing towards achieving a low-carbon future. They are turning to renewable energy to cut down carbon emissions. Solar, geothermal, wind, and other renewable energy sources are being utilized more than ever before. If you are interested in learning about which Western countries are leading the change, you have come to the right place. There is considerable change in the Western World. Things are no longer how they used to be. Learn more about renewable energy investors Europe by reading on.

  1. Sweden

Sweden is one of the best Western countries in the world. It set an ambitious goal to cut down fossil fuels entirely by 2040 back in 2015 and has come a long way since. When it comes to electricity generation, it is ramping up investment in wind, solar, and energy storage. It is taking the lead for clean transport and smart grids. The reason why the country has made considerable progress is because Swedes continuously challenge themselves to do better. They aim to become the first 100% renewable country. There is considerable competition in the country for adopting the latest practices. The truth is that there is no other country in the world that can compete with the progress that it has made.

  1. Costa Rica

When it comes to renewable energy in the Western World, not many people think of Costa Rica. The Central American country has a unique geography and is committed to protecting the environment. What sets the nation apart is the fact that it manages to produce as much as 95% of its electricity from wind, solar, geothermal, and hydro. It aims to become entirely carbon-neutral within the next year. Costa Rica is easily the biggest investor in renewable energy. Its government strives to implement changes to encourage citizens to make the switch to renewable energy. It has witness amazing results. Hence, there is great potential for the country.

  1. Nicaragua

Nicaragua is another Central American country that managed to generate most of its electricity from renewable energy in 2017. It started investing in developing renewable energy resources back in 2012 and has come a long way. Nicaragua has invested heavily in renewable energy. It set the goal to satisfy 90% of its energy needs through renewables by 2020 and managed to achieve the goal. As it derives most of its energy from solar, wind, and geothermal sources, its efforts should be lauded. It is only a matter of time until Nicaragua eliminates carbon emissions.

  1. Scotland

Scotland is a Western nation that is just as committed to renewable energy as any other Western nation. Since the country tends to be extremely windy, it is using wind to its advantage. Scotland relies on wind power for generating as much as 98% of its electricity needs. Even though there might not be a lot of sunlight in Scotland, it is always windy in the country. Hence, it is able to meet its energy requirements through the installation of wind turbines.

  1. Germany

Germany is a European powerhouse that is committed to using renewable energy for all its needs. It managed to generate enough power in 2018 through renewables to power each household in the federal republic. It has set a goal to generate as much as 65% of its electricity from renewables by the year 2030. Despite being a cloudy country that is home to more than 80 million people, Germany has a bright future because of solar energy. There is great potential for the country.

  1. Uruguay

Not many people know about Uruguay. The South American country has become almost 100% powered by renewable energy. Its concerted efforts have been successful. Uruguay invested heavily in solar and wind. What allows the country to succeed is clear decision-making, a strong partnership between both the private and public sectors, and a supportive regulatory environment. There is a lot that the world can learn from this tiny nation.

  1. Denmark

Denmark is another Scandinavian country that relies on solar and wind power to generate electricity. It managed to generate over half of its energy through renewables in 2017. In fact, 43% of its electricity was produced by wind. The country has set a goal to be completely fossil-fuel-free by the year 2050. Chances are that it would achieve its goal before that. Denmark is a country that strives to make progress in just about every aspect of society. It does not back from a challenge and continues to bring change. There is a lot that one can expect from the country in the coming years. Danes are very conscious about the environment and they do everything in their power to reduce carbon emissions.

  1. The USA

This post would be incomplete without mentioning the USA. As the leader of the Western world, the country has invested heavily in renewable. If you take a close look at US Renewable Energy Investors, you will get an idea about its investments in renewable energy. A new solar energy system has been installed in the country every 2 minutes and 30 seconds since 2014. This has made the USA a leader when it comes to installed solar PV capacity. Besides, the country also boasts the second-highest installed wind energy capacity after China. The USA has a lot to offer in terms of renewable energy. The Silicon Valley is at the heart of innovation. It is using tech to its full advantage. Moreover, most states such as Florida provide incentives such as sales tax exemption, tax credits, and even loans to help citizens finance their solar energy needs.


After you have finished reading this post, you will come to know about the largest renewable energy investors in the Western world. From Sweden to the USA, each country is trying its best to eliminate its carbon emissions. With global warming on the rise, it is important that other countries also strive towards achieving a greener future. There are even African countries like Kenya and Morocco that are making great progress.