As you have reached on this page, it is quite obvious that you have a lot of doubts about the relation between Social media and mobile app promotion. You must be wondering how Social networking platforms – the ones that add to our leisure and communication – can raise the app download rate.

Aren’t you?

It sounds weird, but social media platforms are playing a pivotal role in app marketing. They are helping app development companies and business enthusiasts in building better app presence and enjoying higher ROI in numerous ways. A few reasons behind which are:-

  1. Around 366M people join social media almost every year and they spend on average 2hrs and 22 minutes daily on these platforms. This gives a clear indication that connecting your user base on their networking sites is really beneficial.
  2. 93% of marketers use Facebook ads, which means about 3 million businesses use Facebook for marketing.
  3. These platforms help businesses share information about their services/products to the audience in different ways. For example, Instagram and Snapchat offers the facility to promote their products and services via visual content (images and videos). Whereas, Twitter and LinkedIn enables them to share their words in a professional and concise way. This variation aids brands in pitching their ideas to different types of users efficiently and effectively.
  4. 37% of consumers purchase any product after getting inspiration from social media channels. This again hints that showcasing your mobile application on these platforms can lure more customers and improve sales numbers.

While these stats and facts might have cleared your doubts about the role of social media in app marketing, let’s focus on the next question. That is, how to introduce Social media platforms into your app promotion plan.


5 Effective Ways of Social Media App Marketing

  • Focus on Niche Platforms

When talking about Social media, there are various different types of platforms. While Instagram and Snapchat are image/video sharing platforms, YouTube is a video-oriented platform, Twitter is a short content posting portal, and LinkedIn a professional one.

Besides, all these platforms are used by people from different walks of life.

In such a scenario, having a basic information about which platform to target for promoting your app and how can be an ideal way to earn more value. So, look forward to it.

  • Consider the Right Time

It’s true that one can post on social networking sites anytime, but there is a specific time when major traction has been recorded. Having information about that particular time for every individual platform can also be an effective method to promote your app wisely.

  • Induce Emotions into Your Content

Users feel more connected to any application if it evokes emotions. So, introduce emotions into your content by talking about their pain points, how your application – designed by top app developers – can make a difference in their lives, and sharing testimonial of verified clients. This will surely help in achieving your numbers quickly and easily.

  • Maintain Real-time Communication

Since the core service of social networking sites is keeping people connected day and night, focusing on providing real-time communication services is also a must. This will make it easier for social media users to know about your services, get answers to all of their queries, and turn into potential clients. Something that can again improve the app acquisition and retention rate.

  • Bring Influencers on Board

There are various people on social media that are quite popular among others. Everyone follows them and do everything they recommend. Such people, also called influencers, can also be assets for increasing your app value.

These influencers can encourage their fans to pay more attention to your app and its features, give a try to it, and share their experiences with others. And this way, spread words about your application with hundreds and thousands of people around while not paying a single penny to anyone besides the influencer.

  • Be Patient

Last but not least, do not panic if your content does not go viral within 24 hours. The social media world is too vast. In such a scenario, it might take more than expected time to reach your target audience and gain profits.

Now, as you know that promoting your mobile app on Social media can help with engaging the target audience, delivering a personalized experience, and improving overall ROI, do not take a back seat. Bring your social media marketing team on board and plan around how to utilize these platforms for promoting your app.