If you have experienced the fun and thrill of gambling in a casino, online casinos bring the same feel to your home on your devices! These are basically just the online versions of a casino. You can play it online, or download an app for it. Except for being actually present over there, almost everything is the same between the two. Most people also prefer online casinos over the real ones due to many reasons. It is tough to decide which online casino to choose. To truly know which is the best online casino, you can always rely on nettikasinot.


Nettikasinot helps Finnish casino players in choosing the best platform for themselves. Not only this, but this site will also inform you of upcoming sites you can choose for gambling. They conduct thorough research and check each platform thoroughly. Hence, coming up with the best comparisons and reviews to make your job easier. Not only do they provide the best insights by considering each parameter, but they also have offers. If you avail of these offers, you might even get discounts and other such benefits. Now comes the real question: why are online casinos in demand?



Online casinos come with a sea of benefits with them. The best one is you can enjoy all of it and even earn real money without even stepping out of your room! Here are a few more notable advantages:

  • Offers: While gambling online, you get pretty exciting rewards while doing something as simple as recharging.
  • Freedom: You can always play at the level you feel comfortable in. You will miss this feature while you are in a real casino because of their rules.
  • Security: these casinos are even secure and legal, so there is no way you will lose the money you won.

Impact of COVID-19

Although COVID-19 is the sad cause of a significant loss in many areas concerning us, it has given a boost to almost all kinds of online businesses. It is very simple to understand. There is a worldwide lockdown. Thus, people have no other option than staying at home.

So a huge number of people are switching to online casinos as a source of earning some quick money while also escaping from the real world. Taking advantage of this, many sites have also laid out offers to attract more and more people. It is true that COVID-19 has caused a great loss almost everywhere. But, it couldn’t damage most of the online gambling industry.

Growth Statistics

The online gambling industry is in a really good phase, as of now. We all know the reason behind this though. According to a study, participation in online casinos has increased by almost 30%. As of 2019, the industry is worth $53.7 billion, and it is estimated to double it’s worth in the next decade.

Moreover, this sector is also the fastest-growing industry during the forecast period. A very big reason for this is the grip of online gambling industries. Even before COVID-19, this sector has always been in demand and had a huge share in the market. Another reason accounting for this is the increase in the usage of mobiles for gaming.

The Ridding of Restrictions

As compared to real casinos, online casinos have expanded the window of customers by removing certain limits. People who visit casinos a lot might be aware of this.

In some cases, people from different countries or states, and sometimes even younger people are not allowed into casinos. But this problem does not exist in the online gambling industry. Most online games are location independent so it doesn’t matter where you even live in the first place.

Currencies and Payment Methods

This is another reason why people feel so comfortable with online gambling. It is because you can choose between a variety of methods for payments.

Users don’t have to make any extra efforts for simple payments as they adopt international and regional methods. Not only this, but the online gambling industry has also started accepting cryptocurrencies.

This has proven to be beneficial for both parties because of the increase of cryptocurrency usage in major parts of the world. Additionally, it has even proved to be a security measure because of the high deal of security this currency offers to its users.