As the world is moving towards a customer centric approach for more companies to adopt, all organizational roles such as: customer onboarding, customer success, customer service, are growing its reputation. Out of all the above-mentioned roles, customer onboarding is one of the most vital roles that determine how fast the company will achieve it desired growth.

Moreover, if the customer is incapable to gain value during the traditional onboarding with the company, he will eventually won’t continue and or use the service/product.


What Are The Benefits of a Successful Customer Onboarding Process?

Onboarding customers successfully results in more than just another happy customer, it also makes your business processes to be more streamlined and your employees to work in a better work environment. Here are 3 major benefits for a successful customer onboarding process:


Revenue Growth

In case you onboard your customers in a proper way, customers will most likely to stay and using the product and or service they primarily purchased and or signed for which eventually result in customer retention, so your business sustain its revenue with an optional growth. In case a customer is abandoned the service for some reason and quit the use—The entire time spent nurturing, following, providing with proposals, and meetings is wasted. In terms of revenue growth customer journey when onboarding is very critical.


Repeated Customers

Repeated customers are an extremely valuable benefit to every business. Approximately 80% of a company’s forthcoming revenue can come from 20% of current customers. This is obviously a huge growth in revenue, however in order to maintain this your customers should buy again usually through up sales and cross sales methods.



In case your company customers are happy and satisfied with the service given to them, they’re going to refer your business to others. This has a very high impact on future businesses, and it can be a huge benefit for your business to acquire new customers through happy referring existing customers. In case your business is doing an exceptional job during the onboarding process both your customers and employees will be satisfied as processes are done quickly and effectively.


So, How Do You Onboard Customers Successfully?

The best onboarding customer experience should be to assist the customer achieve its desired goal as soon as possible. Businesses must make sure that the onboarding process is easy and smooth and so the customer will do it with no stress.

So, what you should do in order to onboard customers successfully? Send a welcome email that gives a full detailed information about what are the steps that the customer should follow in order to start using the service and to activate it.

Another thing will be obviously talking to your customer over the phone so you can verbality explain and give more personal value for the entire onboarding process experience.

And the last and most important thing will be sending educational materials that will leave no room for questions on the customer side. That can be anything from, product presentation, educational emails, video tutorials and much more.


How AI Can Help Making Customer Onboarding Process Easier?

Onboarding is an important part of every company dealing with customers, and we all are looking for providing with an appropriate, effective and rapid procedures to our customers. To insure that, many companies are turning to artificial intelligence. AI significant part in onboarding should be starting at the launch of the process to simplify tasks and continue accordingly to automate other relevant processes.

So, how AI can help in making the customer onboarding process much easier? AI can diminish the business onboarding tasks by automating the delivery and receipt of necessary paperwork and can come in force in customer service. The power of AI in customer service is very critical for every business success as it actually in many terms combine with a successful customer onboarding process.

With AI, the traditional onboarding process doesn’t have to happen within the regular business hours or at an actual office location. AI chatbots work 24/7, and can simply be trained to guide a new onboarding customer through all parts of the onboarding and answering customer queries as needed.


To Sum Up…

Customer onboarding process should be taken very seriously especially in enterprise level organizations which are committed to provide with a seamless, quick and easy onboarding process. The onboarding process is basically the first step in the customer journey and will determine the future of the customer doing business with the company.