Gaming is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet, mainly due to it not existing to us consumers for all that long but showing rapid advances in quality during its period. It has now become a household industry in recent times, so here we delve a little further into this and why this is.

Gaming is now all around us and we cannot seem to escape how it is shrouding many of us consumers due to its exponential reach. This has mainly been down to the fact that mobile gaming is starting to become the big fish out of all the sub-sectors. The reason why mobile gaming has become so big is due to the reliance that us consumers actually have on our smartphones these days and therefore the market is wide open to a host of potential consumers. App developers have jumped on this bandwagon and ensured that they are creating good quality games for all genres.

Gaming and gambling have gone hand in hand, with many crossovers being experienced and similarities being shown on these types of markets. Ladbrokes at have been noticing that many gamers are migrating over to their gambling avenues in recent times, and its mainly been down to the crossovers that both industries have. Even with the gaming industry growing as such a rate, its pushing consumers into the gambling industry too. These offers and bonuses have further added to this online popularity and growth and this is a trend that is set to continue moving forward.

Furthermore, with gaming, 2020 is actually the release of the fourth-generation consoles including the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which is the first time that Sony and Microsoft are releasing a flagship console in the last seven years. This has got the juices flowing again amongst us massive console gamers, which seemed to have quietened down in recent times as many were questioning why it has taken so long for them to release a new console. However, with the hype that these consoles have created, specifically what the PS5 have created, has got gamers fans excited again.

And finally, the amount of press that gaming is getting now from big celebrities that are buying into avenues and E-sports teams is really highlighting why the market is so vast right now. Households names like Michael Jordan, Drake and Mike Tyson have all invested heavily in E-sports teams across the globe as they have witnessed the amount of revenue that it can turn and can see the potential that the industry has to grow. If big players in the game like these are recognising the success of the industry, it’s no wonder it’s growing at the rate it is.