Why Golfing Is the Perfect Summer Sport for Your Health

Summer is often a season that prompts people to improve their health by being more physically active. Thanks to the weather being so lovely, it opens the door to different types of activities you can engage in and there is no reason to feel trapped indoors. And on the list of the most popular summer activities, golf is always near the top if not the very top of the list. So let’s look at why golfing is the perfect summer sport for your health.

Get Outdoors and Enjoy Some Sun

Spending time on the various golf courses nearby means you’ll get plenty of outdoor time this summer. Sun exposure is the easiest and most effective way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D, which is great for your immune system.

Ditch the Cart and Walk the Course

You can also choose to ditch the golf cart rental and walk the course instead. By doing this you’ll get an excellent cardio workout that is great for your heart health and entire body. You can expect to burn about 600 calories per hour while walking or using one of the golf push carts. That’s a pretty significant calorie burn by the end of the game.

Flexibility and Strength Training are a Given

Getting more specific, golf is excellent for increasing your flexibility and strength. Think about what’s involved in hitting each shot, how your body moves and extends. It will feel like a workout and you’ll feel the results that night and even the next day.

Your Focus Also Gets a Workout

Golfing is also a brain workout in that it requires focus and concentration. Each shot requires thought as you choose the perfect club, line up, focus on your stance, and follow-through. This isn’t the kind of sport you race through without any thought or plan.

There Is Also the Social Aspect

And it’s not just your physical health that benefits but also your mental health. You can golf as a pair or a group, turning it into a social activity. Socialising with friends and family helps to relieve stress, make you feel more relaxed, and likely provides you with some laughs and memories.

There’s No Need to Put Your Clubs Away When Summer Ends

If you’re under the impression that the arrival of the cold weather will mean the end of your golf season, it’s time to think again. Golf simulators that you can use indoors are a great way to continue to improve your skills, work on your stance and grip, and still reap the health benefits. The easiest way to purchase a golf simulator is as a kit, so it comes with the hitting net, mat, the tech equipment, and even a screen.

Using a golf simulator will help keep you in shape and at peak form, so you’ll be ready when the 2023 golf season gets underway.

It’s Time to Embrace This Summer Sport

If you haven’t yet given golf a try, why not make 2022 the year you become a golfer. This summer sport is fabulous for your physical and mental health.