Why Graphic T-Shirts Printed on DTG (Direct to Garment) Are Superior Quality

More and more people are opting for graphic t-shirts printed on DTG than ever before and for good reason. They have become extremely popular in recent times. A simple scroll through social media reveals how common the garment has become. If you are still uncertain about graphic t-shirts printed on DTG and why they are considered to be superior quality, this post shares the top reasons why you should finally make that decision.

What Is DTG (Direct to Garment)?

Before we take a look at why graphic t-shirts printed on DTG are better, it is important to understand what DTG is. In the simplest of words, DTG refers to the printing process which is done directly onto the textile such as t-shirts. Specialized inkjet technology is used to apply the specialized ink which is then absorbed by the garment. Unlike the previous technique of screen printing, DTG allows more complex designs to be easily printed onto the garment. It ensures that a wide variety of colours are used to make the graphic t-shirt stand out, while speeding up the production at the same time.


Benefits of Graphic T-Shirts Printed on DTG (Direct to Garment)

Direct to garment printing or DTG for short is an impressive garment decorating technology that has been around since the mid-2000s and continues to be used to this day. The following benefits of DTG printing highlight the superiority of the method.

  1. Designed to Last Up to 100 Washes

One of the main reasons why graphic t-shirts printed on DRG are superior is because they are designed to last up to 100 washes. When you come to think of it, a hundred washes is a lot. It is more than what an average t-shirt can handle. If the t-shirt has been cured properly, there will be fewer quality issues and you will get to wear the t-shirt for much longer. This means that you will not need to purchase t-shirts as often as you normally would. The colours on the t-shirt are crisp and look amazing regardless of how many times you wash it. Even after many washes, the t-shirt will look brand new.

  1. No Colour Limits

Another reason why graphic t-shirts printed on DTG are the best is due to the fact that they do not have any colour limits. One would benefit from virtually unlimited colour when they opt for DTG printing. Take advantage of the colour capabilities to push your usual colour palette and try out some new combinations. The reason why it is such a huge deal is because a lack of colour limits would eliminate the nuisance posed by colour-mixing as commonly observed in older printing techniques. Similar to regular printing done on paper, DTG printers allow you to apply just about any colour to the garment. There is no limit to the hues and shades. This makes it a much more convenient option.

  1. No Design Limitations

Compared to previous printing techniques, DTG printing makes use of gradients and other fun photo effects. This allows one to create photo-realistic, lively images with the help of smaller droplets of ink. Not only is more detail guaranteed, but also greater variety of options. When you use DTG printing, the sky is limit when it comes to what you can do. A full spectrum of colours is used by the printers which results in colourful artwork and designs becoming a reality with minimal effort. It does not get better than this.

  1. Option to Print Real, Life-Like Photos

Are you looking for a printing option that allows you to print real, life-like pictures? Then, you need to give DTG printing a try. The technique enables you to print all types of real pictures such as pictures of celebrities and your loved ones. Thus, you get to print mementos and give the perfect gift to your friends. T-shirts containing real, life-like photos have become very popular in recent times. Hence, you can catch up on the latest trends by opting for DTG printing. You will be blown away by the amazing results.

  1. Uses Bright, Quality Ink

In addition to the above, DTG printing uses bright, quality ink which is “baked” into the shirt. This results in superior quality shirts being produced at a rapid rate. The bright ink stands out and makes the shirt look amazing in dull lighting. Everyone will be impressed by the graphic t-shirt that is printed on DTG.

  1. Does Not Crack or Peel In the Wash or Over Time

A great thing about graphic t-shirts printed on DTG is that they do not crack or peel in the wash or over time. This means that they would last much longer and look amazing throughout their life. You no longer need to worry about purchasing graphic t-shirts all the time as the t-shirts that have been printed on DTG tend to be more durable and are made to last.

  1. Ideal for Streetwear

If you want to shop for the perfect streetwear, you do not need to look any further as graphic t-shirts printed on DTG are just what you need. The technique is highly versatile which allows it to be used for printing shirts that are meant to be worn in the real world and are suitable for different behaviours. Whether you like to skate, hike, or surf, you can count on these t-shirts to provide you with the perfect clothing for all those of activities and more. There is simply no better option in the market.

  1. On-Demand Printing

DTG printing is an extremely convenient option unlike screen-printing which involves more setup and individual inks. It requires little to no setup and allows you to print multicolour designs with just a push of a button. This means that there is barely any-time consuming manual labour that would be needed. Get small-batch custom orders printed within the same day with DTG printing.



Now that you know why graphic t-shirts printed on DTG are superior, chances are that you will opt for the printing technique. Make sure to get your t-shirts printed from a reliable company.

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