Security cameras in and around your building may sound like a drastic and expensive effort and only accessible/suitable for big companies. Nowadays, however, there are many significant security solutions for small businesses and individuals due to increased accessibility and affordability of technology. Many security companies even sell ‘plug & play’ security systems so that homeowners can easily install the systems themselves. Besides accessibility and affordability, security cameras and alarm systems are more advanced than ever. Many security systems allow you to monitor your home at any given time and from any given location! 


Are you looking for a way to safeguard your house and are you curious about the benefits of a security camera? In this article, we’ll tell you all about the capabilities and features of today’s security cameras.

Discourage criminals

An outdoor security camera definitely deters criminals. Many criminals are looking for a quick and easy entrance to your home. If they spot a doorbell camera, they realise it might be more difficult to get in unseen and undetected. Don’t make the mistake of buying a fake or dummy security camera. Experienced burglars know exactly which cameras are fake and which are not. So make sure to buy a professional camera; they don’t have to be that expensive! 

Record criminals

If burglary does happen – and you have security cameras – the cameras will record the incident. A detailed recording of the burglary can eventually show to the police what happened and may lead to the arrest of the burglars and hopefully the return of your stolen goods. 


If incidents like burglary or vandalism happen to you, you need to have some proof for your insurance company in order to validate a claim. If you have clear and detailed video footage, this may be enough proof! Make sure you have a security camera that is also able to provide clear recordings at night, such as a Hikvision camera. After all, burglars are most likely to attack at night. But there are more benefits. If you have a proper security system, for example, a Hikvision camera in combination with an Ajax alarm system (Dutch: Ajax alarm systeem), this generally leads to discounts on home security. And that can save you a lot of money!


Concluding, a security camera is definitely worth the investment! If you are a victim of theft or vandalism, a camera can help you validate an insurance claim, arrest the offenders and/or return valuable goods. But the most important thing: security cameras give you a sense of security. And that’s worth a lot!