The age of Innocence and internet – Catfishing, fake profiles and the realm of online dating!

The realm of dating has changed and evolved overtime, especially with the advent of the World Wide Web.  With countless apps and dating platforms available online, it can be equal parts exciting and equal parts tricky, to not only find the right match but also to make sure that you’re safe once meeting the other person on your first date!

According to a research the percentage of sexual assault and harassment has increased exponentially over the last decade, specifically in terms of online dating. Online dating can be tricky and partially creepy sometimes.


So why is it important to run a background check before going on your first date?

Running a background check can sound partially intrusive but it’s imperative to ensure your well-being and safety, isn’t it? Dating apps and platforms are full of blank and fake profiles. While someone’s profile photo might seem interesting and captivating, you need to make sure that you’re talking to the right person and not a fake profile.

The case of Fake profiles:

According to a study, 1 in every 10 dating profiles that you would come across on any app, social or dating platforms is most likely to be, fake. That said, it is imperative to run a background check in order to ensure that you are talking to the right person. You can use social networks such as Facebook or Instagram to double check their credentials or just run a google search to confirm that you are not signing up for some fishy trap.

Now I know you must be thinking whether this could be intrusive – I Know, we all have been there. To be honest, it isn’t intrusive at all, until or unless you plan on virtually stalking the other person. If you are doing this in order to make sure that your date’s personal credentials aren’t only lies and fake promises or just an illusion then I think running a background check isn’t wrong at all! Instead it’s great – you’re actually putting in the effort to validate and confirm someone’s identity and saving them and yourself from the disgrace and embarrassment that might follow, once the cat’s out of the bag at the Chinese diner or wherever you’re meeting for the first time!


In the dating language, faking and misusing someone’s identity or using fake credentials is also referred to as Catfishing. The chances of you getting catfished online are alarmingly high. This is why it is important to run a background check in order to avoid any weird traps and ensure that you are talking to an actual person.

I like most of the people who browse dating apps and platforms online, have been catfished plenty a times. Unfortunately it’s one of the ugly cons of online dating. But there are ways to reduce the chances of getting catfished.

Security threats:

Online dating can be weird at times. It could also possibly be weird especially if you are meeting your date at their house or your residence for the first time. Inviting someone into your house or going to someone’s place can be a security threat as well. Hence, it is important that you run a background check specifically in regards to any criminal or law enforcement credentials or history. There are plenty of apps online but nothing gets better than Instant Checkmate.

Instant checkmate is a highly meticulous online resource that allows you to run an extremely credible online background check. Just enter your date’s first and last name, their city credentials and you’ll be able to access any past criminal records, mugshots, parking tickets or even worse any active spouses. Especially when they’ve told you that they’re single.

The platform has been approved by credible online sources as a safe and secure way to access someone’s personal and legal information. You will be able to have access to information that otherwise might not be available on their social media handles or online dating profile.

It will allow you to not only figure out if your date is lying about being single but also ensure the fact that they don’t have any criminal records in the past. This will ensure that you are going to be safe on your first date and eradicate any security concerns.


How to run a background check?

You can use social media handles to cross check the information on their dating profile or the one that your date shared with you. Just run a google search with their full name, address or phone number and you will be able to access information and validate it online.

If you are unable to access any of their social media handles, you can run a security check via apps like truth tracker, in order to confirm their identity.

You can also run a credible and highly immaculate background check on online platforms like Instant Checkmate. Instant Checkmate is an online substitute for a private detector and an affordable yet highly anonymous choice! Instant Checkmate allows you to access information including

  • Criminal records
  • Social records
  • Mugshots
  • Information of sexual offenders
  • Information on family and spouses
  • Address, phone numbers, emails
  • Social media accounts
  • Court hearings and much more

It is highly important for your personal well-being to run background checks before going on your first date. It is important to eradicate any misunderstandings, confusion or second thoughts before going out on a date. To be honest it is better to ghost someone than to fall into a weird trap and face awkwardness on your date.

Run a background check using social media, google or even better online background check apps to ensure you are meeting a legitimate person and not falling for a trap. Eradicate the chances of getting catfished and ensure a safe and fun online dating experience. So if you have been thinking about that profile that you got matched with online, run a background check, validate and have fun! Stay safe!