Modern HR software is designed to function dynamically and to operate optimally during every business period, including the Christmas holidays.

Of course, Christmas periods comprise managerial workload for the HR, including appraisal scheduling, over-the-year rewards, managing employee absence, timing, and overall data management to avoid inconveniencing employees, contractors, and customers.

To compensate for the difficulties in company management during Christmas, your company needs flexible and robust HR software to ensure flexible business data management. Below are the reasons why human resource software is important during the Christmas period:

Early Policy Review and Information

It is inevitable for companies to highlight clear-cut policies, especially before employees’ absence. Fortunately, modern HRM software is built thoughtfully to deliver timely policies on days of vacation, Christmas office closure time, year-end incentives and bonuses, changes in work shifts, task scheduling, etc.

The beauty of dispatching the policies via HR software is that it can be done at any given time without in-contact meetings, employer-to-employee announcements, etc.

Meanwhile, vacation policies should guide how employees associate with people during the pandemic to prevent infecting colleagues upon resumption.

Year-End Data Updates

The best period to initiate system updates would be December when the servers are less used by customers.

For example, initiating security updates is healthy for your company. Consider the 2016 Voke Media Survey reporting that 80% of company data breaches and failed audits result from late patching or not configuring updates.

Also, modern HRMS prompts the workers to provide up-to-date personal details, especially before they vacate the office. The updated information may include their phone numbers, email addresses, home address, bank details, and emergency contact lines.

Some companies may choose to design their HR software to request employee destinations for record purposes.

Motivation Away from Office

When your workers leave for vacation, returning to their desks becomes strange. It often feels like they are having to adapt to the tasks again, which entails diminished workflow.

To get rid of the urge loss, a company must employ measures that keep the workforce engaged and motivated. Thanks to HRM software, workers have the opportunity of VR interactions that engage and remind them of their job.

Christmas Party Arrangement

Christmas is an exciting time for employees particularly when they await anticipation for what their company has planned for their traditional Christmas party. However, some employees may not also prefer having a traditional Christmas party and instead prefer receiving motivational engagement benefits instead.

Following an article from Employee Benefits , 70% of employees from a survey of 1,400 employees and senior management staff across the UK, US and Australia, declared that they would happily forego their company’s annual traditional Christmas party in favor for frequent rewards.

Furthermore, 58% of respondents who were among recent graduates stated that they would prefer regular rewards over the course of the year, rather than receiving a Christmas bonus.

Following those statistics, it does provide companies food for thought concerning their approaches now to the Christmas period and deciding whether it is to implement a specialized reward system annually to engage their employees, or to still pursue ahead with having a Christmas party. Employees inevitably want different things, so there will indeed be a fine balance that companies will have to try and implement regarding this matter.

Explicable Reward System

According to a survey highlighted on Chron, 79% of employees say that recognition encourages them to work harder. Only 1% are not spurred to work harder.

In this regard, employee reward plays a huge role in spurring employees. Your company needs a clear gifting policy and it must be initiated transparently. Otherwise, a section of the employees might become discouraged or develop bad blood.

HR systems can establish a transparent and explicable reward system that encourages members to remain productive ahead of the reward period. Of course, the Christmas period.

Leave Management

How about a crystal-clear leave management system whereby even employees know their potential leave periods?

Companies would no longer worry about which employee will request leave and it can enable them to manage the workforce efficiently and assess which staff members will be away at certain periods, as predominantly there should at least be 1-2 employees in a particular department to ensure that things can keep ticking while a team member in that department is away on annual leave.

Fortunately, HR software features can incorporate leave calculators among others that ensure coordinated employee leave management.

Prepare Employees Against the New Year

Companies will likely resume the new year with changes. Regardless of the nature of the changes, if employees are not informed beforehand, their resumption will be fractured by difficulties adapting to changes.

It is important to prepare employees for changes, especially major changes such as a new payroll system, new HR, new rewarding system, policy changes, reformed tasking, etc. Of course, you would not recall the employees from their off periods to effect the changes until they return to the desks.

So, how do you solve the problem? Modern HR systems of course, from professional providers. One such provider is CezanneHR. A typical excellent HR system provider would also provide training materials, simple configurations, 24/7 support, and secure management.