Why It Is Important To Keep A Check On Your Website’s Backlink Profile?

Maintaining a website is more than just simple content posting. A webmaster needs to ensure a clean and healthy backlink profile for top SERP ranks.


Tracking your site’s backlinks to the depth of the backlink source is crucial for success. Though backlinks are said to be the backbone of all the SEO efforts, one can never dress his business for success unless and until he maintains a clean backlink profile against his website!

In these modern times when every brand is in the “Google #1 Page” quest strategy, some marketers use indecent tactics to outrank the competition. This mostly includes spamming a domain by providing it a maximum number of backlinks through grey-hat type niches – which in turn negatively impacts your site’s ranking in SERP or may even lead to temporary penalization of your site from search. Therefore it is necessary to find pages that link to a specific URL google and keep a strong eye on your site’s backlink profile.


How To Find Who Links To Your Website?

SEO Tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush are usually used to determine the backlink profile of a site. The tracing process is super easy. All you need to do is enter the domain’s URL and the tool will automatically fetch the current status of the site – showing the total number of links, who linked to your site, the total number of dofollow links, the total number of dofollow links, and other important metrics.

This is of great importance to a webmaster as he can get a detailed report of all the sources that are linking to his site and detailed insight on the backlink quality. The generated report needs to be saved for further working.


Using The Backlink Report To Disavow Poor Quality Links

Though you may feel delighted seeing hundreds of dofollow links linking to your site. But gone are those days when quantity used to over quality. In these modern times, when the rank bots are integrated with advanced crawling mechanisms, there’s no way once can manipulate them by generating multiple low-quality backlinks thinking it would establish a strong backlink profile.

Therefore, a webmaster needs to carefully go through the backlink report to check for low-quality backlinks pointing to his site and remove them as soon as possible. The backlink removal process also called Disavowing Links is manually done through the Webmaster Search Console. The disavowing process is fairly simple, as you just have to enter the links and tell Google that these links should be eliminated ASAP from your site’s backlink profile.


Final Thoughts

Running a website is more than just composing unique content and doing basic SEO. Many things need to be performed at the backend to ensure the site complies with the white-hat / Google-friendly policies. Your biggest enemy is your competitor, so it’s important to keep a detailed track of the backlink profile to ensure no one is placing spamming links against your site to outrank you. Using SEO Tools and Webmaster Console are the best places to get started in this regard.