What Are Red Eyes?

Red eye is a condition where the white portion of the eyes has become reddened. Redness of the eyes can be caused by many factors ranging from external factors to the internal health of the body or eyes. Whatever may be the cause, red eyes can cause discomfort.

The white part of the eye is called sclera, and red eyes can have different appearances such as several squiggly red or pink lines on the sclera, or the entire white part may appear diffusely red or pink. Meanwhile, it should be mentioned that this condition may affect one or both eyes.

Symptoms of Red Eyes

Red eyes can give one or several of these symptoms:

1. itching

2. burning

3. irritation

4. dryness

5. pain

6. blurry vision

7. watery eyes

8. discharge

9. sensitivity to light

Causes of Red Eyes

Red eyes are caused when the tiny blood vessels located between the overlying clear conjunctiva of the eye and the sclera become dilated. The tiny blood vessels can swell due to a particular eye problem, environmental factors, or lifestyle of an individual.

Red eyes are mostly caused by eye fatigue, allergy, over-wearing of contact lenses, or eye infections. It is noteworthy to state that red eyes can be a sign of a more serious eye condition or disease such as glaucoma and uveitis.

1. Environmental Factors Causing Red Eyes

Red eyes can be caused by one of the following environmental factors:

a. Air pollution

b. Dust

c. Airborne allergens

d. Smoke or fumes

e. Overexposure to sunlight without UV-blocking sunglasses

f. Chemical exposure like chlorine in the swimming pool water

2. Eye Conditions Causing Red Eyes

Here are the most common conditions of the eyes that can cause redness.

a. Contact lens wear

b. Conjunctivitis

c. Eye allergies for which you will seek allergy relief

d. Dry eyes

e. Digital eye strain

3. Serious Eye Conditions Causing Red Eyes

The following severe eye conditions can cause eye redness:

a. Eye infections

b. Eye injury or trauma

c. Corneal ulcer

d. Acute glaucoma

e. Uveitis

f. Recent eye surgery such as cosmetic eye surgery and LASIK?

If your eyes are always red, one or more of the causes listed above may be responsible. However, going for an eye test with your Optometrist¬†will help to determine the exact cause of your eyes’ redness, which is crucial to the kind of treatment that you will receive. While specific over-the-counter medicine may calm the dilated tiny vessels causing the redness, getting the right treatment and care will be a lasting solution to your red eyes.