Many factors contribute to the success of an event. You have to be particularly detail-oriented with tech events. Participants expect tech events to be an ultimate tech-savvy thing and build their hopes high.

As an SEO analyst who’s entire work relies on power connectivity and internet connectivity, I know how important it is for me that the event be well-organized and well-equipped, when I attend a specific one.

Sometimes, the slightest glitch in the overall matrix of your event can cause a great mess. For example, you may think that something as small as power placement is not going to cause any problem. However, it can interrupt the smooth flow of your event. One of the most common mistakes is underestimating the power requirement and not planning the placements of sockets.

Installing ports and extensions is not the only way for power placement. For example, the use of a phone charging station would be a great option. Similarly, you can set up power placement stations to avoid the wires making a mess everywhere. 

If you are an organizer and still confused about the power placement for your tech event, here are some of the tips that may help. 

  • Measure how much power you need. MEASURE ACCURATELY (normally its 20 amp)
  • Get as many replacements for ports as you can (like cell phone charging stations) 
  • Always have a solid back-up plan
  • Once everything is set-up properly, test it a day before the event

People are going to talk about the smallest of the things and, believe it or not, word goes around. You should enhance their experience by giving your best. If you don’t want any bad reviews about your event, then attention to detail is your way out.