Why staging your home is an essential investment?

Selling a house can be a tough thing. However, there is a wonderful solution called “home staging” that can significantly increase your house value. In this article, you will learn why home staging can be considered an investment.


While the home staging service, the individual charm of each property is worked out and presented in the best possible way. Preparing for the successful sale of real estate – home staging – has been used since the 70s. Since 1990 Home Staging has established itself as a standard and effective practice in the European real estate market.

To increase your chances of a quick sale, it is essential to highlight the advantages of your home. Home staging is a marketing technique that focuses on this. Practising home staging, you can sell your home on twice as fast.


The power of Home Staging

The big advantage of home staging is the quick sale for an optimal price. The value added thanks to this marketing strategy usually oscillates between 5 and 15%. The costs are indeed worth it because it’s a profitable investment in the short term. The payment of the real estate stylist is usually determined by the work carried out. Please note: home staging is not intended to hide defects!


Home staging improves the first impression

In most cases, a potential buyer knows whether he likes the property or not from the first minute. Real estate specialists agree: buyers decide within 90 seconds whether or not they like home. Just to say: the importance of the first impression can’s be underestimated. It is therefore important to ensure that your home comes out well when you get potential buyers to visit. And that is exactly what home staging is all about!

You can have an interior specialist come and take care of your house from basement to attic, but it often costs a lot of money. A cheaper solution is to prepare your home yourself for sale by giving it a new and fresh touch spending minimum money. You can really sell your house yourself if you learn some simple tricks.


Colours, order and light

If you want to sell your home for as much money as possible, you should strive for three goals: order, colour and light. Start by brushing your home from bottom to top. Also, remove all personal items such as family photos, collections and start your cleaning round. Take away all the furniture that doesn’t fit together. Minor imperfections, such as damaged tiles and flaking paint, should also be taken care of.

Add some fresh colours to your house by putting flowers on a table or by planting an attractive houseplant in the corner of the room. A strategically placed cushion can also brighten things up. Colours and plants contribute to the overall appearance of your home and give everything a fresh touch that will undoubtedly appeal to potential buyers. Also, remember that a dark house doesn’t attract the imagination. Open the curtains and let the light in! Large cabinets that block the light can be moved or removed. In this way, you also create space, which only increases the appeal of your home.


Take good care of the proper fragrance of your house

If you want to sell your house, make sure that it smells good. Home staging won’t work wonders if there are some terrible odours present in your house. So, you can, for example, bake an apple pie. The sweet smell of pie will then spread across the whole house, making it more attractive to buyers. Don’t forget to offer the potential buyer a piece.


Home staging: Benefits for the seller


Home staging: Benefits for the buyer

  • Finding a well-structured property
  • Preliminary work such as clearing out, cleaning, repairs etc. are done!
  • Support of the imagination by visualisation
  • Home staging shows the buyer the future, not the past!