Many people will choose to buy Chinese tungsten carbide products on the Internet. How to find high-quality original factories is a difficult problem. Zhuzhou, Hunan Province, is well-known in China’s alloy industry, where many large factories are located.

UKO is located in Zhuzhou City, with unique tungsten carbide resources. We modestly learn from excellent leading enterprises excellent production experience, continuous innovation. Now we have a number of production lines, the main products include CNC inserts and end mill for metal processing, blade for wood processing, carbide roller, and mold processing. At the same time, there are different product customization services.

UKO has a history of 20 years in the production of cemented carbide products, and we have been practicing the attitude of continuous innovation in the production. From cemented carbide wire products to cutting tools, UKO has been learning new knowledge, researching new technologies, and developing new projects.

This video records the products being produced on that day, and also contains the products of UKO projects. The following explains the production process in the video:

1. Pressing of carbide cold rolls.
Cemented carbide roll is one of our main products and one of the longest production history of our company. As one of the most important parts of the cold-rolled steel bar, the quality of cemented carbide roll seriously affects the work efficiency and production safety of cold-rolled steel bars.

2. CNC inserts production.
Cemented carbide inserts is the key strategic project of UKO in recent years. UKO introduced excellent technology to continuously optimize our technology. Our CNC cutting tools include milling insert and turning insert.

3. Woodworking spiral cutter head processing.
The woodworking cutter head is an important part of woodworking machine tools. UKO in woodworking products can provide customers with carbide indexable woodworking knives, woodworking cutterhead, dw735, etc.

4. Sintering of tungsten carbide rod.
Cemented carbide round bar has been one of the popular products of UKO. Whether it is the round bar blank or the polished round bar, or even the end milling cutter after processing, it has been recognized by customers all over the world. UKO’s round rods are always in large stock and can be delivered quickly.

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