Why Unified (WhyUnified.com) Reviews v/s Other Digital Marketing Companies  

I have been thinking of sharing my views with Why Unified Reviews after experiencing promising results in comparison to other digital marketing agencies that we’ve tried in past a few years and here it is – finally. I did try out a few other services like Yodle first, and I have to say, Why Unified seems to be promising.

As soon as you send them an email, they will have a representative scheduling a call with you. They talk to you about your business, and design customer centric goals for you keeping in mind the brand vision.

What helped us in making the choice whether they were a perfect fit for us was the Why Unified Reviews & Case Studies which gave us a vision for expectations based on how their marketing programs worked for other similar companies.

You get to choose from either their LITE or Full program. And while the full program can cost you around $1,000 a month or more, it still makes sense, and we will tell you why.

Full Program Pricing: $700 – $2,000/month

LITE Pricing: $350/program – $650/program

For one, they offer a A-Z approach of handling all channels of digital marketing. When it comes to SEO for instance, they help target high purchase intent keywords on search engines such as Google. They claim your rankings to rise up in as little as 1-3 months but I started seeing movement in just two weeks with gradual increases and a little bit of rank fluctuation with our keywords.


Here is a look at a few of the things that Why Unified’s SEO program does:

  • On-site optimization,
  • Rank high on Google My Business,
  • Social media optimization, with regular social media posts
  • Optimized page building for better on-page SEO
  • Ongoing video and content marketing.

I loved the articles their writers wrote. The SEO keywords were at the right place, and unlike some competitors who price their content services separately, Why Unified includes it as part of their Content Marketing program. If you do not have an in-house content team of your own, it does make sense to go for it.

When it comes to content marketing, they have a good network of blogs and high authority media outlets where the articles are published, which many other reviews of Why Unified mention online too. Many of the links come from sites that have high DA and PA and feature good on the Trust Flow score. The link juice you get is permanent, and long term – enough to make your site jump ahead in Google rankings.

You pay by the goals, and no more. And the goals are set up for you right at the start. No other competitor like Yodle or Marketing360 does this.

Let’s face it though – we are looking for something more than just SEO from a reliable digital agency. And Why Unified doesn’t fail there too.


How Does their Social Media Marketing (SMM) Fare?

We had our posts published every other day, and saw average of 300 new followers every week. Only a few digital marketing agencies are as good.

 They also helped us out with our paid marketing needs.

  • Optimized the keywords and created our own ads, according to set budgets
  • Offered 25,000 monthly credits for free!
  • Created, managed and published on both Google Ads and Facebook Ads


Website Optimization

Now, anybody would tell you that optimizing a website to convert is more than just on-page SEO. It’s also got things like A/B optimization and a good design, both of which ensures better ROI. The Why Unified team created a 100% custom design for us, that reflects the value behind our products and services.

You can check out which emails work better for you, or which page layouts give you more conversions.

While we work with WordPress in the backend – pretty much like most other website owners do online today – Why Unified offers support to WooCommerce and Shopify as well.

They can create a website layout from top to bottom and combine it with their sales funnel strategies. These landing pages, with their templates, are sure to convert more. Even competitors like Yodle, offer services like local search placement or SEO for web presence, but they aren’t as comprehensive as this.


A Complete Solution

Why Unified goes all the way to making your services or products sell, from creating web pages, writing content, using trending SEO and SMM strategies, using A/B testing as well as retargeting your audience to get more conversions which explains why their case studies and reviews sing to the same tune that all digital marketing channels working together brought them results.

If you are subscribing to the Full Program for instance, you get services like email marketing included. The company will set up your own email marketing sales funnel, create the email templates behind the sales funnel and help you achieve higher open rates.

The one thing that I do find missing from Why Unified’s portfolio is reputation management. Competitors like Marketing360 has it, and maybe Why Unified needs to look at it too. Not all businesses need to look for reputation management though, so if you aren’t yet, it’s not a worry.

You will love the other features like retargeting, which allows you to advertise to your past visitors helping your brand stay on the top of the visitor’s mind during the buying cycle. Offering over 25,000 monthly credits for free, they are a bit ahead to their competitors here.

If you purchase the full program, Why Unified has a brand value improvement strategy for you. that they instill throughout your entire marketing program, then cross test with different variations. The simple tracking pixel Why Unified installed on our websites, in itself, gave access to some interesting real-time analytics, including website speed, time spent by visitors on particular page, and other important metrics.

Now, my website run faster than before now. But that’s just one of the things.

We hope that our review of WhyUnified.com gives you insight about an alternative method of digital marketing through our personal experience with them.


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