Hair Extension is well known as a great way to thicken hair, add length and pop hair colors. All are aim to have a good image. Chasing a beautiful voluminous hair is our identity drived by our psychological since our human existed.

Lots of celebrities walking through red carpet wear hair extensions. That’s a great way to change their looks very fast. Hair extensions give their hair a fuller appearance or achieve highlights.

The Kardashians have become famous for their daily-changing hairstyles.

Unlike Kim, who is 40, is definitely the most undefined with natural hairstyle. In 2017, Kim posted her braided hair with similar thickness and length on her Instagram story. Kim’s extensive use of hair extensions is bound to damage her natural hair that appears clear in this video and her old photos. Kim is one of the most famous people who use wigs and hair extensions.

Previously, on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, her sister Kourtney Kardashian had a big bald stop on the crown of her headKim noticed the bald patch freaked out and told Kourtney she had to go to the hospital. Shortly after, Kourtney had PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections to reinvigorate the hair growth.

“Kourtney, you have a really big spot on the top of your head,” Kim pointed out in the episode.“Look down, Kourtney. Oh my god, I’m afraid for your life. Have you seen that?”

Seeing from Kourtney’s IG posts, her hair short or longer due to her daily activities, hair extensions and ponytails are indispensable.


The 23 years old girl, Kylie Jenner is well known for her crazing successful cosmetic products popularized by her famous pot and her ever-changing hair looks. One day she’s sporting her signature midnight black, ultra-long mane, and the next she’s got a platinum blonde bob. Of course, her hair would be totally damaged if she were to dye it a new shade every single day, so she relies on hair extensions. In an interview with Vogue, she gushed about her love for hair extensions. “My natural hair is a choppy bob, so I would probably have to say that’s how I prefer it. But I love extensions and having fun with my hair,” she said.


Iggy Azalea is known for having an amazing luxurious blond hair. There is nothing more refreshing than seeing her hairstyles in her updated posts.


Shay Mitchell

The beauty queen is often rocks her gorgeous different hair styles with hair extensions and ponytails. Her stylist , Kim M Ferry, uses hair extensions on every show he works on. It turned out hair extensions are the secret for achieving perfect looks.


Alright, can we wear hair extensions in our normal daily life? The answer is yes.

There are main two different hair extensions: permanent and temporary. Permanent are usually used by hairstylists. The product includes wefts, bonded hair extensions, I-tip, V-tip, Loop, tape-in and so on. Those products are very hard to be applied by ourselves. Another hair extensions can be used by ourselves at home. These hair extensions include clip-in and halo hair extensions.

When it comes to lifestyle, you will need to consider which one would be more convenient for you. Temporary hair extensions are better for you if you want more freedom with how and when you wear hair extensions, offering a more temporary method. For example, the clip-in hair extensions can be used in the morning, taken before you bathing. Or if you want little effort and big impact, clip-in hair extensions are best for you, they’ve been the most popular hair extensions in the marketing so far.

If you are the person who refuse to leave house without fullness hair, permanent hair extensions will make it easier to get ready for daily use. For example, if your tape in hair extension is done in your hair, then you don’t have to take extra time to wear them on and take it off for everyday. Your voluminous hair can be last as long as six month or even longer.

Going to salon to take the permanent hair extensions are usually expensive, is it possible to have that kind of hair extensions done at home? We sure that there are lots of suppliers sell these hair extensions which are the same as the salons’. Take those hair to your hairstylist, that will save much more than purchasing and finishing all hairstyles in a hair salon.

For temporary hair extensions, choose them base on your hair thickness requirements. Some hair extensions are for adding hair volume, some are for adding hair length, and some are for highlighting your hair. The clip in hair extensions are made of several different pieces. You can find single piece, three pieces, five pieces, seven pieces, eight pieces, nine pieces, ten pieces or even eleven pieces offered from different retailers. That’s super convenient for us to choose and save our budget. The best is we can purchase and find all in a supplier. UniWigs offer all those permanent and temporary hair extensions. All benefit for customers is they can have more choices and exchange if they are not comfortable. Except the types of hair extensions, another point is hair color. We wish to have same glamorous color as done in salon. The good news is UniWigs is a unique brand supplier that own their factory. Designers can make their ideas true. Over 50 hair colors which include blacks, brunettes and blondes are offered on their website.


So if your needs are in below, UniWigs hair extensions should be obtained in your closet:

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  6. Make hair bun, braid, ponytails more voluminous
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