Why your number of Instagram likes is important in 2020

I bet almost ninety per cent of you own an account or two for the enthusiast like me. Well if you don’t have an account at least, you have seen one in use. Everyone in the current modern world is in love with Instagram, social media’s favourite child. For the millennials, this application is their lifeblood, they use the application for practically everything to do with their social life. The app helps them keep in touch with their friends from anywhere in the world, explore the world they would otherwise have never known they exist. The app also helps people stay in touch with their favourite celebrities as they tour around the world, get notified of their latest albums as soon as they are leased and even get all the juicy dramas that come with being a celebrity such as baby mamas conflicts. Cool huh!

Having a good number of Instagram likes, however, is a great thing. Let’s face it, when you come across a post with 100,000 likes you wish for the same, you see another one with 500,000 likes, and you badly wish for the same. The thirst for Instagram likes is insatiable. You may be wondering why everyone is going crazy about Instagram likes and why you need as many likes as possible in 2020, well, here are some of the reasons why;

  1. Helps drive your engagement.

Instagram likes helps drive your engagement with what you are doing on your platform. Have you ever done something you thought it was great, putting so much effort and time in it and felt that it wasn’t appreciated enough by people considering all the energy invested in doing it? This makes you feel drained to the core. It doesn’t mean that what you did wasn’t good enough, but it just wasn’t appreciated as deserved. Having many likes on the things you post on Instagram helps you fuel up to continue doing what you do best. Acquiring many Instagram likes helps to keep you motivated; this like are actually from real accounts which means that actual people get to see and appreciate your work. It helps you to know that you are reaching more and more people as you continue posting your great work which is actually the whole idea of it, to begin with.

  1. Exposure to job opportunities.

Getting more likes on your Instagram posts exposes you to a whole lot of exposure from numerous people all around the world. These people actually like your work and may share it to their friends who can connect you to people who can help you earn serious money. Suppose you like editing photos then you post them on Instagram. With numerous likes attracts big crowds of people wanting to know who this is making a lot of “noise” on Instagram. From this crowd, you can get people who are looking for photo editors for their companies and boom you secure yourself a decent job just like that. If you don’t have enough likes, you can always purchase likes to have more. What would have been thought as a gesture to boost your ego could land you a serious job out for your hobby. Nothing is better than having a job you enjoy doing.

  1. Sell your brand.

Having significant numbers of likes on your Instagram posts could do wonders to your business, especially when it comes to selling your brand. When it comes to having likes, for this reason, you need to purchase this likes in bulk like your business depends on it because they actually do! This is the twenty-first century, and shopping is done more online than physically as it has never been done before, for this reason for people to buy any product they first have to be confident in the product. Likes create that assurance for them because if many people like a product, then it has to be good. When it comes to product or brand promotion on Instagram, likes are the Jesus preaching the gospel of confidence in your brand, and you will have customers drinking to your cup in no time.

  1. Easy proof for marketers they are doing their job.

Some people don’t own their own set of brands or products that they need to promote on Instagram, but they work for people or companies that do. There is nothing hard than proving to your employer that you are actually doing the work they gave you. Seeing is believing they say and if you can’t show your employer that you are doing your work then what good are you to the company. It’s frustrating when you are out here bursting your back, but you don’t get any appreciation from your boss for the work you are doing because you can’t prove it yourself, to begin with. When the marketing involves Instagram, and I am sure as long as its online marketing, it does. Having numerous likes on Instagram can help you advocate your hard work with the boss. If your page doesn’t have that many likes, you can always purchase as many likes as you need to. This will help you prove your hard work and also get word of what you are marketing to a whole lot more people because these likes are from actual people. See, it’s a win-win for all of you.

  1. Dictates worthiness of your post.

The number of likes on Instagram posts helps to dictate the worthiness of your post, when it comes to online content the worthiness of you post is not valued by its educational value or insight it gives, it is determined by the simple fact that people have decided it is. Have you ever heard of the tinker bell effect? It states that the more people believe in something, the likely it is to be as they believe. It was derived from our childhood cartoon peter pan when tinker bell dies peter pan roots for her by shouting ” I believe in fairies” until she comes back to life. Having large numbers of likes goes a long way for content relevance. If you don’t have enough, you can always purchase more of them. Numerous likes will be your peter pan to your content shouting “this content is worthy” to everyone until it becomes so.

  1. Increase leads and conversation.

There is nothing better than a fresh pair of eyes, giving an honest opinion to your work. It helps you to know whether you are on track or whether you need to improve on some parts. More Instagram likes on a post means, more different views from a variety of people with different insights. This can help you increase your leads to things you have been keeping track of and improve on yourself. If your account or page is new, which means it doesn’t get those many likes, you can always get more by purchasing them from different places I’ll be letting you know In a bit. More likes on Instagram will be like your pathway to enhancing your content.

  1. Likes can attract more users to follow you

Likes are not only a great way to show your credibility to your followers, but can also lead to more Instagram users discovering your brand as being of significance in your niche. When someone who is not your follower comes across your posts with so many likes, there are very high chances that you are likely to win their trust, and this triggers them to follow you. A high number of followers translates to more likes, and this will push your brand to the next level.


We have seen why having a large number of likes is essential to our Instagram pages when it comes to both personal and professional reasons. It’s because of this and many other reasons that Instagram have allowed the buying of likes. As I highly recommend that you do buy as many Instagram likes as your post demands, it is also good to be cautious when purchasing this likes. Scammers are all over to solicit us our hard-earned money, and it would be so unfortunate if these likes don’t help. Always make sure that the likes you buy are actually from real accounts because, in real sense, it’s the people behind those likes that we want. They are the ones who count, with their opinions, networks and abilities to improve our content.

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