Rich communication services (RCS) is a new messaging system that comprises features that closely resemble WhatsApp, Facebook, and iMessage. RCS is said to replace the traditional SMS system. With RCS in place, we will be able to send more detailed and engaging text messages than ever before.

RCS was originally adopted by GSM (Global system for mobile communication)  more than ten years ago. However, it was not popular until google decided to invest in creating a chat protocol that was entirely based on the RCS for the Android platform.


Is RCS coming to India?

Rich communication services India is already in place. Vodafone has successfully incorporated RCS while other operators like Jio are yet to do it.

Rich communication services India was first introduced to the country as a more secure alternative to Whatsapp when Whatsapp was about to get dismissed for not having any of its servers in India.


Should we choose RCS over SMS?


The messaging features in RCS are similar to any other messaging platform we use. Unlike the blunt traditional SMS, RCS is flexible with multiple multimedia options. You can share images, videos, GIFs, large files, etc. You can even enable read receipts to know if the person on the other end has read your message or not. It also allows you to enable more interactive group chats.

RCS is the ideal messaging platform for companies. It helps in enhancing the user experience by making communication easier. RCS’ features like ‘tracking the order status’ enables fast communication between the company and the customer. It also makes it easier for companies to ask for feedback from their customers.

RCS messaging platform has a wide range of features that improves our overall experience as a user. Choosing this over the traditional SMS will benefit the users and the companies on a larger scale.


Advantages of using RCS for Marketers

Interaction with the customers is made rapid and much easier with RCS in place. Below are some of the key benefits marketers get by adopting RCS

  • Get ingrained into the customer’s minds by directly communicating with them regularly. Businesses will also be able to add their name, logo, and brand color for better visibility. This makes the customers retain their brand name for a longer period.
  • Enhance the customer experience by providing them with real-time updates, product announcements, order details, etc.
  • Gain the trust of the customers with a verified account badge.
  • RCS also gives marketers a great insight into the performance of the messages which in turn helps them to reach customers who are most likely to take action.
  • Communicating with the customers is made extremely easy with multiple CTA buttons.
  • RCS has message templates that allow marketers to send personalized messages including QR codes, images, videos, calendar appointments, and other service updates.
  • Enables marketers to gain insights into the audience’s performance using the transactions, read receipts, and other actions. This helps marketers in creating highly targeted ads to improve conversion rates.


Advantages of using RCS for customers

RCS helps the users get rid of the traditional SMS system where everything seems to be a one-way communication. Below are some of the main benefits of using RCS for communication

  • Send high-resolution images and videos
  • Users can now share emojis with RCS
  • Play or stream any kind of audio or video file
  • Booking appointments and making payments have become very easy with RCS
  • Great group chat facilities
  • Users can also receive their boarding passes through RCS ( It is valid to get passes directly from the registered company through RCS)
  • Use the in and post-call features
  • Customers will be able to send feedback and submit surveys very easily.
  • Tracking order and delivery information are much easier with RCS.
  • Instant updates about new products and other discounts


What does RCS offer that SMS doesn’t?

The above features are extremely useful for both the users and the marketers. It allows for enhancing the user’s experience and marketers to create well-targeted campaigns. Listed below are the other benefits that RCS provides

  • SMS cannot be differentiated. We might not know if the sender is credible or just a fraud. With RCS, businesses have a verified account badge that makes it easier to trust the message and give attention to it.
  • The character limit in RCS is more than 8000.
  • RCS has the feature of reading receipts.
  • We can also make video calls within the messages itself.

RCS has ample of features that fill the void that traditional SMS has created. With RCS, messaging is now more interactive and informative.