As the weather gets colder, you want to cozy up in front of the fireplace and watch a Netflix movie, cuddled with your pet or better half. But instead of becoming a couch potato the entire winter, why not get out and engage in some winter sports?

Winter is a wonderful time because it brings out many things, from the joyous holiday season to breaks from work and the opportunity to have fun in the snow. Your first instinct may be to curl up with a blanket in the warmest room of the house, but it’s best to fight the cold-induced hibernation state and get out of the house to enjoy the snow and chilly and crisp air. Winter is the perfect time to try a new sport as a recreational activity. Winter sports are versatile and restricted to the landscape. You can carry them on ice, snow, or at high altitudes. Skiing and snowboarding are the most popular ones because they imply traveling to the mountainside, and everyone loves a mountain trip during the cold season. 

Besides getting outside the house, winter sports have many health benefits. Here is a shortlist. 


Effective workout

Even if you may find it hard to believe you can burn more calories when you perform a winter sport than when you work out indoors. Your body is working to maintain its temperature and complete the succession of movements the sport requires. Obviously, the number of calories burnt depends on the sport you prefer and your body’s mass. But the average skiing session burns around 1000 calories, almost equal to an hour-long high-intensity spinning class. 

You won’t even realize that you burn so many calories because you’ll be too busy to enjoy the surroundings and have fun. But make sure to get Hakuba accommodation close to the slope because you’ll be exhausted after a ski day. 

Your lungs and heart receive a boost

There’s nothing more wonderful during the winter than to escape the cloudy and polluted city and head to the mountainside. Fresh air relaxes your body and mind and boosts your lungs and heart. The pure air cleanses your lungs and pushes your cardiovascular system to work harder. A ski Japan trip this winter provides strengthens your lungs and heart health and improves your fitness level. 

You get your fill of vitamin D

Yes, it’s cold outside, but the sun still shines and provides you with the needed Vitamin D to keep your immune system strong. Vitamin D is essential for your body because it helps you maintain your bones and muscles strong and healthy. Instead of spending your winter indoors and becoming Vitamin D deficient until the spring sun arises, head to the mountainside and get your fill while having fun with your friends. Natural light is restrained during the winter months, so you should take every chance you get to expose yourself to sun rays. 

Are you looking for a way to entertain yourself this winter? Try a new winter sport, we promise you’ll love it.