One of the many questions businesses and new Instagram users will ask is – what are some of the ways I can increase my followers, even if I do not use the popular method of buying followers?

The truth is that the platform has changed significantly, and what used to work on it before does not cut it any longer. It has now become significantly harder to increase your followers on Instagram compared to before. The good news is – you are not alone. Everyone is now affected by these changes, regardless of whether you are a big or small account.

If you are seeking to conquer the arena of gaining even when you buy Instagram followers today, it is definitely clear that you need a new strategy and approach. Therefore, if you want to beat the frequently changing algorithm, here are some tips you can use.


Take your time to build a complete profile and curated Instagram aesthetic

If you are seeking to build your follower base, then one of the most important things you need to examine is how your feed appears. Why is this important though?

Well, you likely know the saying of ‘first impressions count’. On social media, this is the case, but even more so for Instagram. You want to make sure everyone visiting your page enjoys what they see, and they are enticed to click the ‘follow’ button. You cannot manage that if your profile looks average or bad.

This also includes your bio and profile picture. Again, the importance of an excellent first impression cannot be understated here – it is the factor that makes a stranger decides to follow you or not.

When you make a constant effort to generate a brand story through the use of your profile and aesthetics, you have a higher chance of converting a visitor into a follower.

In addition, keep in mind that many people are now using Instagram as a source of information on people they want to work with, and brands they want to promote. That means one thing – you must be willing to put as much effort into your Instagram homepage as you would a website or a blog.


Do not underestimate the power of Instagram stories and bios

Another method you can use to curate your content is through Instagram stories, which is a perfect method of introducing your brand to new people and informing them what it is. Think of them as short movies that highlight aspects of the services you offer, what your brand stands for, or the products you deal in.

Never underestimate the importance of your bio either, even though many people seem to think of it as an afterthought. It is a summary of why someone should give you a chance, so make it as attractive as possible.


Check out and spread your stories for greater exposure

If there is ever one thing that works perfectly in terms of marketing your brand, it is the onset of Instagram stories. The regular posts on Instagram do not seem to reach their intended audiences any longer, so stories are increasingly becoming important tools to help you reach more users.

However, it is not just summarizing your content for followers, but also the potential they have of helping gain more followers. Because they always appear on the explore page, even people who do not follow you can still see your stories. If they are interesting enough, they can head over to your profile, and then follow you if they like it.

The other feature that makes them popular is the geo-location feature and hashtags, which also has its own stories. It might become more popular though, especially when you consider more Instagram users becoming more comfortable in posting stories.


Hashtags are important, use them well

A feature that was inherent to twitter, the migration of this concept to Instagram was first received with controversy because of the so-called ‘shadow banning’ effect, where users’ posts did not appear in hashtags. The premise was that you were spamming the hashtag using your posts (doing it for more than 30 posts in quick succession).

This may have scared people off from using them, but they still remain invaluable tools – especially if you use them correctly. The shadow ban effect eventually sorted itself out, and they still remain a useful way of getting more people to see your content and like it, you can checkout our new instagram likes app.

If you want to use them but are still confused about how they work, the best way would be to think of them as topics. For instance, what would you like your post to be about? Is the hashtag you are using relevant to the post itself? The more relevant it is to your post, the more effective it will be.

You can also use your location as a hashtag (to get people near you to check it out), your target market, and your interest that relates to the post, and so on.


Make sure you get a feature off the platform

You may not have thought about it, but among the most effective ways of getting new people to check out your account is spending time promoting it outside Instagram. This may sound like no-brainer PR training, but it is surprisingly effective, especially when you do it well.

For instance, when you take the opportunity to go for a press interview, guest posting on a blog belonging to someone else, or going for a radio or podcast interview, will help you get more exposure and more followers. Even small publications count – you never know who is listening or reading, and it can quickly become a blessing in disguise.

All of these opportunities can help you with extra chances of pitching your Instagram account, and someone will look for you and check out your profile.


Final thoughts

Getting to success with your followers is not always easy, especially when you are trying to beat the algorithm. However, it is not impossible if you do it with a clear plan, and you can succeed using these tips.