Before plastic was invented, toys were made mainly of wood. And contrary to appearances, these toys were not just bricks. Handmade and decorated, they were often equipped with moving parts and wheels.

Wood can be used to make all kinds of toys: blocks, cars, railways, musical instruments, dolls and dollhouses, tools, puzzles and many more. And although they are poorer, in modern technology than plastic toys, they still enjoy great popularity and trust of parents.

What can wood do that plastic can’t?

Nowadays the children’s rooms are filled with toys, mostly more than the children actually need. Parents, relatives and friends buy all kinds of things, but many things are rarely used. Eventually it ends up in a box in the basement or attic before being disposed of after years of oblivion. It is possible from the very beginning to keep the children’s room clear and to replace the toys regularly according to their age and interests.

As far as the durability of many toys is concerned, it is also advisable to rely directly on high-quality materials. For example, a children’s kitchen made of wood will last longer than a kitchen made of plastic. In addition, it can be repaired or repainted as required with a little craftsmanship. After all, if the children’s kitchen has become obsolete because the child has grown older, it can still be sold or given away for a small amount of money. Wooden toys often survive another round.

More room for creativity

Wooden toys can be extended at will or even built by oneself. If the child is interested in building a shop, it can be planned and assembled from wood with a little manual effort. This can be attached then under circumstances to the already existing kitchen. The used wood does not have to come however inevitably from the building market: Disused pieces of furniture can be lovingly redesigned with a wealth of ideas. And there is also a lot to be found in nature, from which great new toys can be created with creativity, for example a tepee with branches from the forest.

High-quality toys protect the environment – and health

In general, wooden toys are more robust and can be more easily remanufactured or replenished. This is only possible to a limited extent with plastic. In addition, plastic toys are often equipped with cheap stickers that do not last long in children’s hands anyway. Plastic also becomes porous over time and bleaches when exposed to sunlight. If it breaks, sharp edges develop at which the children can injure themselves.

Plastic toys, just like wooden toys, are subject to strict guidelines in order to be allowed to be sold in the EU. Nevertheless, in most cases wooden toys are more harmless. Woods, paints and glue are subject to constant controls. This is important when children put toys in their mouths. Moreover, wood is more sustainable and does not pollute the environment. For small children, wood is often more interesting than cold, unloving plastic: wood is a warm, living, natural material that also has a pleasant smell and can be processed in many ways.

Popular types of wooden toys

A classic and probably the most popular proposal are wooden blocks, which provide fun for a long time, and besides, they have a great influence on creativity! This is a great idea for a gift for both a boy and a girl.

Another proposal is a wooden puzzle consisting of several elements, created mainly for small children. Such a toy develops the sense of concentration and the ability to think logically.

Of course, wooden toys are much more than just blocks and puzzles. They are also a variety of puzzles, moving cars and other vehicles, doll carts, storefronts, games and much more. The selection of wooden toys is really huge!

Is it worth buying a wooden toy for your child?

Numerous advantages of wood, its stylish appearance and high durability make it always very popular. Even today, when many other materials are available, wood is considered a noble, high quality raw material.

Wooden toys are an ideal choice for children of all ages. Undoubtedly, they will provide him a lot of fun and will serve for a long time. A large selection of wooden toys in stores will allow you to find one that suits your little one best!