Everyone knows that in WordPress, readers can comment on each post. This is not only a great way to engage your audience but also an opportunity to get feedback from source visitors. Of course, you can get many benefits from adding comment fields to your site; however, there is also a downside to this business. If the site on WordPress is popular among readers, then there may be thousands of comments from spammers, which will negatively affect their reputation of your online resource. Therefore, it is critically important to protect your WordPress site from spam comments.


Google Recaptcha Will Do the Magic

First of all, use Google ReCaptcha to eliminate spam in comments on a WordPress site. Just like advanced WordPress spam plugins from cleantalk.org/wordpress-anti-spam-plugin, this method automatically creates a puzzle with characters, which your commentators will have to manage to confirm that they are real people. To do this, they will need to enter the specified characters in a special field.

ReCaptcha successfully cuts off spammers who use automated commenting programs. One thing to consider – this method is ineffective when it comes to manual filling out comment forms and complicates the commenting for real readers a little. WordPress uses special plugins to connect ReCaptcha.

Using Recaptcha Integration

Specialists recommend WordPress ReCaptcha Integration as it is easy to use. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to connect ReCaptcha to your website.

  1. Go to the admin part of WordPress and navigate to the Plugins section.
  2. Install the WordPress ReCaptcha Integration plugin.

To install ReCaptcha, you will need to get the Site Key and Secret Key from Google. Click on the Google administration page of reCAPTCHA, and you will be taken to the admin page.

  1. Register your blog. Enter the domain name in the Label and Domains fields and click the Register button.

Installing the Akismet Plugin

  1. To get started, go to the admin part of your site on WordPress.
  2. Navigate to the Installed plugins section and click the Activate button under the Akismet plugin.

A message on a green background indicates a successful activation of a plugin.

  1. Click Configure your Akismet account. For this, you need an API key. So press Get API Key to continue. If it already exists, then enter the value in the field below and click Connect using the API key.
  2. You will be redirected to the official Akismet page. Click Activate Akismet to get it started.
  3. To continue, you need to register an account with Akismet (if you do  not have it). Fill in the fields and click Sign Up.
  4. Return to the admin part of your site and open the plugin settings page, insert the key that you have copied. Click Use this key. If you used the Activate this site link in the previous step, then activation has already occurred.

After the installation is completed, all spam comments are automatically sent to the Spam Folder and deleted by the system in 15 days.


Ready to Run Your Site Safely?

Site protection against spam is an important business. Never neglect this task; otherwise, you risk a lot. We do hope this article will help you implement ironclad protection of your online resource.