Ever since coronavirus started spreading, the world has gone more chaotic; tumbling economies, overburdening hospitals, laying off employees, and killing thousands. In these hectic times, businesses and solopreneurs are transforming their operations and adapting to remote working.

Employees are now working from home to keep their paychecks coming in. This, in itself, presents a vast set of challenges for businesses. Typically, there is a massive risk of online privacy and security that needs attention. Cybercriminals are ramping up their efforts to defraud individuals and enterprises.

This is where Virtual Private Networks, abbreviated as “VPNs,” mark their entrance. Now, most of you must already know that these tools are useful for bypassing geo-restrictions and content blocks like unblocking Hulu in Australia and other VoDs like Netflix, CBS All Access, and HBO Max outside US.

However, there’s more to VPNs that just “unblocking” websites. In fact, the primary purpose of using a VPN is to leverage privacy/security in an increasingly dangerous cybersecurity environment. At the same time, they also present multiple incentives to those working from homeā€¦

VPNs Are a Must-Have for Your Business Continuity Plans

Mostly, big companies have their business continuity plans in-place way ahead of such times, with strategies and action plans to combat emergencies or uninvited circumstances like the one we all face; the spread of COVID-19 followed by frequent lockdowns.

Since WFH has replaced in-person interactions with virtual calls and emails, your company’s sensitive data is more vulnerable these days to potential harms of online operations. A VPN can help you in the execution of your business continuity plan amidst lockdowns.

Dedicated IPs for Accessing Office Networks

VPNs provide dedicated IPs to employees for accessing office networks while working from home, or perhaps even in another country. Now, there is an additional cost to assigning dedicated IPs, but it’s one thing companies shouldn’t compromise on!

Dedicated VPN IPs offer extra security to their users by assigning you an IP address only available to you and adding encryption to your connection. All incoming/outgoing traffic passes through a secure network tunnel, which ensures all data exchanges are private.

Get High-Security for Your Corporate Data

Be it a corporate VPN or a general VPN that people mostly use for unblocking geo-restricting streaming websites; a premium product always facilitates you with uncompromised privacy and security online. VPNs do this by adding a high-level of encryption to your connection.

Many VPNs’ preferred choice is to deploy AES-256-CBC and AES-256-GCM ciphers, which are incredibly difficult to decrypt. As such, you remain undetectable to local ISPs, the Government, and Security agencies, which is a huge plus, especially in this harsh cybersecurity climate of COVID-19.

Access Your Office Desktop Remotely

VPNs keep you safe when you need to access files or other data from your office desktop. Multiple software can let you build a remote connection with your office desktop, but do not guarantee that your connection is completely secure and untraceable.

By deploying a premium VPN, whether corporate or individual, businesses can ensure complete security of data through their servers. Therefore, your internet connection becomes secure for transferring your critical data from your office desktop to your home system.

Ultimate Protection on Public Wi-Fi Networks

At some point, we all connect to public Wi-Fi networks in hotel lobbies, coffee shops, restaurants, or bars. Since there is no password required to connect with public Wi-Fi, they can be quite dangerous, especially if a smart hacker/scammer has infiltrated them.

This can make you vulnerable to hackers’ fraudulent attempts, who can steal your personal and business information. With a VPN configured on your laptops and mobile phones, you get the encryption on-the-go, ensuring a high level of privacy for your complete data.

This includes your login credentials, passwords, and other critical files. Moreover, the VPN will also save you from other potential harms of public Wi-Fi, including evil twin attacks, Wi-Fi sniffing, malware injection, phishing scams, and ransomware attacks.

Wrapping Up

Large companies have proper setups to combat such situations. However, if you are a freelancer, small business owner, or just an employee working from home due to lockdowns, investing in a good VPN can help you keep your critical data private and secure your online business operations.