Almost everyone dreams of a holiday when you are lying in the hammock on the beach watching the sunset. But for digital nomads, a hammock can easily serve as a workplace. They can set up an office anywhere any time, all that is needed is a laptop and internet access. This particular lifestyle was made possible by the digital revolution, which has transformed the understanding of work, home, and travel. Now, the world is digital nomads’ workplace.

The upgraded lifestyle, a good income, and traveling entice us all. It is a dream a lot of us cherish, but only a few realize. If you earn just enough money to get by and to travel as much as you like; if you want to escape from the place you are currently in; or if you are eager to live restless life, the team of experts from knows 6 perfect destinations where you can explore new places, broaden your horizons, and work online as a digital nomad.


Chiang Mai, Thailand

Yes, it is not the most beautiful city in the world. Yes, there is no beach, and it is not a super exciting city, but for a remote work lifestyle, Chiang Mai is a perfect spot. If you just want to get stuck into work and not worry about money, finding good Wi-Fi, and have everything really convenient and inexpensive, this city is just for you.

The cost of living is crazy cheap. You can comfortably live here for a whole month, spending under $600. How is that? First of all, $300 is the right amount of money to afford a modern apartment in the nicest area of town. Cost of food is ridiculously cheap – one to two dollars to grab freshly made Thai dish. Yes, it is not luxury, but it is authentic. What is so great about Chaing Mai? The cost of living and the value of money you get for that cost to live a western lifestyle. There are beautiful mountains you can go driving into. Moreover, the digital nomad community is huge there. Laid-back culture, lots of workplaces, what else do you need?

But we need to warn you about the burning season. Every year from March to mid-April, Chaing Mai becomes covered in a smoky haze, and the air quality index rises to hazardous levels. Being the end of the dry season, there are natural forest fires, and it is the farmers burning their land to prepare for the next season who plays a part.

So, because Chaing Mai is a city in a valley surrounded by mountains, all of the smoke from this ends up hovering right over the city. Besides, you can also visit to learn about the different cities you should definitely pay a visit to.


Bali, Indonesia

The culture in Bali and the existing tourism market is a great place to find inspiration, have fun, and let loose while working online.

You will be amazed by the number of cool spaces where you can write articles, analyze the content of a page or read books. They do a great job of being perfect digital nomad’s co-working spots and bring together the remote work community. “Hubud” is one of them. It is located in the lush green mountainous part of Bali, and space is basically made out of bamboo. You can sit out on a hammock and do some work; you can look out into the rice paddies and draw a new layout for the cover page of the magazine.

If a co-working space is not your style, Bali has a lot more to offer. You may want to try working over great food and tantalising cocktails at some of the best restaurants in Seminyak, Canggu or Ubud. Most of those places provide good internet access.

Bali as a whole is an astonishing island, there is so much diversity – you can go to Kintamani, check out mountaintop views, go to beaches and beautiful temples. Is not a dream of a digital nomad?


Koh Lanta, Thailand

Koh Lanta has a number of beautiful stretches of beach with breathtaking sunsets and sunrises every single day. There is every water sport you could possibly imagine as well as a really famous four islands tour. If you adore animals, you will have to check out the Lanta’s animal welfare center. They offer daily tours of the facility, and you can volunteer to work at the shelter as well as drop-in mornings and evening to take the dogs for a walk on the beach.

Ko Lanta would be a great choice for a six-week getaway to have some island time and connect with a like-minded community. “Ko Hub” is the only real workspace in the island, so any digital nomads that come to Ko Lanta have to congregate around this space. You will be astonished by the view, the people, the management running this place and the number of events that they had going on every day.

But do not expect the amenities of a big city like Chaing Mai. And one small advice – rent a scooter or at least a bicycle to get around and see all the beauty of Koh Lanta.


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Las Palmas is a part of Spain, but it is actually located in the Canary Islands, just off the north coast of Africa. How does it feel to be technically in Europe while you are nowhere near Europe? Awesome. This city has some of the best weather in all of Europe. Las Palmas is often referred to as being an entire continent on one tiny island because of the sheer diversity of the landscapes around. From adventure sports to history and fashion, there really is something for everyone.

You will find here quite a prominent digital nomad scene. And the city has probably a dozen of co-working spaces. Co-working is generally something you will need to do if you go to Las Palmas as there is not much of a café scene. It would be very uncomfortable working on a laptop in a restaurant here because people just do not do it, it is not part of the culture. The city is already really walkable, but there is also a shared bike system that is free to use for both locals and expats.

The local government is trying to push digital nomads, they want people to come. It is a little bit different from what you think of when you go to Thailand, for example, where you can feel a little bit unwanted. In Grand Canaria, they are encouraging you through prominent nomad events like “Nomad city” and offer a weekly Friday coffee club meet up.


Costa Rica

You will be in love with Costa Rica as a country, as a digital nomad destination, and as a general travel spot. It is considered to be one of the happiest countries in the world. There is a great transportation system that can get you from coast to coast, little pollution because the government invests back in the environment, low crime, and so many things to do. You can spend time on the beaches going on hikes, exploring national parks, all sorts of water sport, and zipping.

Even if you stay at the usual hostel, you will get a beautiful working space, fast internet, a jungle view on one side, and an ocean view on the other.


Da Nang, Vietnam

Right from the start, you will be blown away by how challenging the first week of your staying in this city will be and how much you will end up loving it. You will struggle with the language barrier, won’t recognize any of the food and will have no idea how to get around the city with a transportation system. But by the second week, you will discover the crazy cheap markets, become a food addict, and make a lot of new friends. Da Nang is a perfect combination of a beach destination and a big city. A short ride bus away is the ancient city of Hoi An. If you plan a visit, which most people do, aim to go around the lantern festival that is held each month.


Da Nang is only going to grow in popularity for digital nomads, and within the next five years, it is going to be an alternative for Chaing Mai and Bali.