Would The Matrix Do Well In 2021 Like It Did In 1999?

Ever since the Metaverse has been in the news, people are wondering whether the Matrix would do well in 2021 like it did back in 1999. The fact is that anyone who has watched Mark Zuckerberg speak about the Metaverse is likely to be reminded about the Matrix. Taking a look back at the film that blew the world upon release will make one realize just how relevant it is today than it was back in the day. However, the question remains that would be it be successful in 2021 or not. If you are a fan of the Matrix or considering watching the classic, you have come to the right place. We have prepared the ultimate post that will answer the most-searched question on the internet thanks to Facebook.

Most people who have watched the Matrix would argue that it is the best science fiction film in history. It was a blockbuster smash hit. Despite the fact that the cinematic landscape was very different in 1999 than today, the movie still continues to be watched by millions every year. The 1990s were known for their larger-than-life comedies, soppy rom-coms, and crime thrillers. In fact, there was no massive release that everyone talked about until the Matrix came out. It was a movie unlike anyone had ever seen before by two unknown directors.

Everyone Talked About the Matrix

The Matrix is a movie that just about everyone talked about no matter where you went in 1999. Its impact cannot be understated. What made the movie successful back in the day and would make it successful today as well is the fact that it was a martial arts, action, and smart sci-fi film. Its premise fascinated everyone. Unlike films like Terminator showed an apocalypse started by artificial intelligence turning against humanity and fighting human survivors, the Matrix showed us a future where humanity had lost and only a few survivors tried to do something about it.

Lilly and Lana Wachowski are the two sisters that directed the Matrix. It provided them with an opportunity to show off amazing directorial knowledge. Around $63 million were spent to make the movie and it earned $463 million after its release on March 31, 1999. Thus, it went on to become the highest-grossing film during that year and bagged four Academy Awards the following year for Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing, and Best Film Editing. The success of the movie led to Warner Brothers throwing more money at the sisters who went on to make the sequels, the Matrix Reloaded and the Matrix Revolutions. However, the sequels were not as good. But, they kept hardcore fans satisfied. Hence, the Matrix Reloaded earned $742 million at the box office worldwide, whereas, the Matrix Revolutions earned only $427 million.

Phenomenal Cast

Another reason why the Matrix would do well in 2021 like it did in 1999 is because it had a phenomenal cast. Besides the story, the Matrix did an impressive job because it had the perfect cast. Keanu Reeves, the internet heart-throb played the leading role as Neo. The role was rumored to have been offered to Will Smith who found the script to be uninteresting and refused it. Laurence Fishburne played the role of Morpheus alongside Neo who managed to deliver a memorable performance as can be seen today by the number of quotes that refer to his lines today. The female lead was Carrie-Anne Moss who also did a spectacular job. Her connection to Neo and emotional delivery made their romantic relationship loved by everyone. The main villain, Agent Smith was played by Hugo Weaving, an Australian actor. His breakout role led to him starring in V for Vendetta and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The martial arts master Yuen Woo-ping was employed by the Wachowskis to choreograph all the fight scenes. This helped ensure that the fight scenes seem realistic. Although having a martial arts teacher help actors with fight scenes might seem common today, the Matrix did it first.

The Matrix Experience

When the Matrix was released, it was everywhere. Neo’s bullet-dodging, slow motion scenes have been parodied in many TV shows and films. The action of the movie made it a huge hit. Even though people have seen various films over the years, the love for the movie is still there. Unlike most action 90s movies that are considered wacky and outlandish today, the Matrix is a deeply philosophical meaning along with a highly entertaining martial arts film that combines many genres and pushes the envelope. It ushered an era of cinema that resulted in many films trying to replicate the same formula. However, most of the future classics failed except Inception.

The truth is that the Matrix is a movie that is still loved by fans even after two decades since its release. Fans continue to talk about it and theorize it. Many of them believe that the world depicted in the Matrix is a mere simulation built by humans and inserted into machines to make the machines believe that they have managed to dominate humanity. The lure of the movie is never-ending.

The Matrix Still Resonates

If there is one thing that can be said about the Matrix, it is the fact that it still resonates today than it did back in 1999. When Keanu Reeves appeared at Microsoft’s E3 Conference, the audience was delighted to see just how incredible the actor looked. It was the Matrix that made Keanu Reeves more famous. The movie still holds up well today. Its groundbreaking achievements are praised by Hollywood. The bullet time, stylized action of the Matrix is something that will continue to be loved by many. The movie envisioned a future and portrayed a humanity that is incarcerated inside a simulated reality. It added to the fear that people had of technology. Thus, it is just as relevant today as it was back in 1999. Read The Matrix movies explained in order to learn more.