Wow, The Burning Crusade overview, honor points, arena points, boost

Wow, The Burning Crusade overview:

It was one of the first expansions released for WoW, and it added new content to explore, quests to complete, and loot to find. If you’ve been playing WoW since before this expansion came out then you may have never heard of it or maybe you played it but forgot about its existence – either way, we’re here to remind you what all the fuss is about! In this blog post, we’ll try to give an overview of Wow The Burning Crusade.


What are honor points?

I know some of you have been wondering what the Honor Points are and how they work. Well, I’m here to help! The honor point is a new currency that players can earn through doing different things in-game, such as completing dungeons, winning PvP battles, and more.

Players can use these points for many different things like buying Wow tbc honor gear or crafting items. One thing to note about this is that there will not be any type of cash shop where players can buy these points, so the only way to get them is by playing the game!


What is Arena System in wow The Burning Crusade?

Arena system is when players are matched against each other in teams of different sizes. They can be 1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3 etc., depending on which mode the players choose. The goal of arena matches is to reduce your opponent’s team’s score from 100 points to 0 points by depleting their resources and killing them. Your team will consist of three heroes that must work together to achieve victory while also trying to avoid death themselves.


The main difference between honor points and arena points:

A player may accumulate Honor Points by fighting in Battlegrounds and Arenas to buy items or purchase gear. While Arena points are used for better PvP gears from the current season, you can also use these points to get older seasons’ armor!

Throughout The Burning Crusade, players earn Honor Points as they fight through battlegrounds and arenas. You can then spend this hard-earned resource on entry-level PvE equipment or even higher-tier items if your character has reached a certain rank throughout their career of carnage!


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