Unless you’re ultra-wealthy, you might not consider the idea of having two cars at home. You can barely afford to pay the monthly cost for your car finance deal. It’ll be even worse if you decide to get another one. In a practical sense, you have a point. However, before you shun the idea of buying a new car or getting a new car finance deal, these are some reasons why it could be good for you.

You can extend the life of your car

As Automotivesblog points out, when you only use one car for everything, you may overuse it. It will even require regular repairs. If you have two, you can use one for daily use over short distances while the other one can be for long-distance trips. In doing so, you can protect both cars from getting overused.

You can start the payments now

While you can still afford to pay for your current car finance loan, you can have another one. It means that you have a steady flow of income. It also shows that you have a good credit score. If you apply for a car loan now, your chances of getting approved will increase. Once you get started, you can finish the payments in no time. Besides, if you think you can’t afford to pay the down payment, you can opt for no deposit car finance. It allows you to get a new car without paying anything initially.

You will have a car when needed

If you wait until your old car is no longer functioning, it will be a problem. You won’t have anything to use. However, if you have two cars, you can keep driving the other one while you figure out what’s wrong with the other. You can even decide to sell it at some point if it’s no longer economical to repair it.

You can still afford to work and pay your bills 

Don’t wait until you’re too old to pay your bills. You still have a steady income, and you’re even capable of taking on another job. While you’re still at that point in your life, you have to make the most of it. When you get old, and you can no longer work as much as you do now. You can be proud of yourself and your achievements if you manage to purchase several cars for yourself.

You can sell the cars some day

Yes, cars depreciate quickly, unlike other investments. It’s the reason why many people hesitate to spend money on buying a new car. However, you can sell it at some point in the future if it’s no longer useful for you, or if you have other plans. For now, you need it, and it’s practical to have it.

Don’t look at this idea as extravagant. You’re still making a practical choice. Think about it and decide if it’s best for you and if you’re capable of paying another car loan.