VPS Servers in London

When it comes to external hosting servers there are a few options. Shared hosting, dedicated Servers, and the hybrid approach of VPS(Virtual Private Server). VPS’s are a balance between Shared hosting and Dedicated Servers.


Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a cost-effective method that shares resources with a small number of devices. Its downfall is that it is limited to one operating system, such as Windows, Linux, or Mac Os, and has low amounts of disk space, CPU, and RAM. 

Shared hosting also lacks large-scale customization so the server may not be tailored to your needs.

Shared hosting is ideal for a low-cost server where you need to share information/resources with a few clients or employees.


Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers are powerful tools for any business or team that needs to share information/resources fast and securely. The servers are highly customizable and can be tailored to whatever your server needs might be.

They operate with one operating system but can be configured to recognize other operating systems. This means they can communicate/ share information. 

The major pitfalls of dedicated servers are that they can be expensive and high maintenance. They may require attention to ensure they run optimally but are capable of hosting a large number of devices.



What is a VPS? A VPS is where the low costs of Shared Hosting and the high-end capabilities and customization of Dedicated Servers meet. They have great physical specifications such as high disk space(storage), high RAM, and CPU.

VPS can be configured to recognize any operating system or alternatively have a specific server for each operating system you need. They are fast and secure. It is customizable and a great alternative to the expensive Dedicated Server option.

VPS’s have another benefit of being cloud-based, meaning they are accessible anywhere you have the internet and the appropriate login. They are safe and secure, as you can have security measures put in place so only those with logins and/or permissions can access them.

VPS are gaining more attention and use as they are being used worldwide and the business they’re registered with is expanding. This expansion and competition between VPS hosters mean that the prices of the server hosting are becoming cheaper which is news to the ears.


Single Server VPS

Single server VPS is when you have one that you can access all your data and resources. The downside of this is that should there be any issues with the server you have all your eggs in one basket. Additionally, if the server becomes slow then everyone using the server will be operating with a slow server.

Single server VPS’s are useful should you have a small group using the server. IT would also be more cost-effective than a multi-server VPS.


Multi-server VPS

Multi-server VPS is when instead of having a singular server from which you operate you have multiple. This is ideal for large-scale companies with over 10 people using the server frequently. Many Single server VPS’s can be made into multi-server VPS’s by simply upgrading your VPS plan/contract. 

Multi-server VPS’s are fantastic should you have a business operating from many different branches. This type of VPS is easily customizable to whatever your needs are. In the event of any system crashes it is far more unlikely that all your resources are even temporarily offline because you will have multiple servers to use.

A Multi-server VPS is also beneficial should you require a faster connection and faster server for a system-heavy business such as graphic design, more than 10+ users, game development, financial reports and programing, and other intensive computing needs.

It is important to note that a VPS does not replace your computer and its computing ability but helps lighten the load it carries. This can be in terms of rendering files, holding storage or completing computer-intensive tasks.


VPS Hosting

VPS hosting works by having a physical computer acting as the VPS server. THis server then is made into a parent server which other devices can connect to and use as they need. The host will use software such as hypervisor which allows it to connect to its clients. 

The hosting company will install a virtual layer operating system to run the server automatically for you. This creates a truly private server through a virtual wall separating others from connecting without access or the necessary login information.


What is VPS used for?

A VPS is a very versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways such as;

  • Hosting websites
  • Storing data and files externally that can be accessed anywhere with the right login information
  • Hosting web servers
  • Databases
  • Delivering virtual resources and workstations for remote employees 
    • This can be giving employees access to Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, or other important applications they need.

What is the Cost of VPS

When using a VPS you only pay for what you need and use. This means your server can be as large or as small as you want. The prices will vary for your needs but remain a customizable tool.

VPS hosts will give you templates and ideas as well support to fit your VPS needs to an affordable option. The main cost of the server will be its hosting which in the current competitive market can range from as low as £5 in the London area. 


Is VPS Safe?

VPS uses end-to-end encryption as well as logins which can be restricted to giving limited access to different users. This makes VPS very secure as it is very difficult to gain access to the servers without permission. 

Through limiting access to certain resources/data on your server you can choose who has access to what data on the server. You have complete control over your server. The software used to protect your server will restrict even your host from viewing your data. 

In layman’s terms, no one besides who you give access to will be able to view and use your data.