The bedroom is a sanctuary where people find comfort, privacy, and serenity. It is a part of the house where people spend most of their time consuming more or less seven hours of sleep and an hour or so doing personal stuff.

The ambiance of the bedroom is a reflection of the owner’s taste. From colors and accessories to architecture and furniture, the bedroom tells it all. Hence, to make your bedroom suit your taste, here are some ideas to create your space at your own pace.


Play With Colors

The color of the room is more than just visual appeal. The combination of the color palette in the bedroom, especially in walls and embellishments, speaks of the owner’s personality.

Moreover, home designers sort a wide array of schemes of colors in different shades and hues where the owner can select. Thus, in picking the perfect colors for your bedroom, choose a palette that corroborates your style and personality.

●         Neutral Colors

The neutral colors stretching from white to beige is a classic scheme in bedrooms. Usually, people who paint their bedroom with this scheme want a room that is clean-looking, finesse, and illuminated. These colors can easily be matched with any style of furniture and amplify it.

●         Blue and Green

Another standard color scheme for the bedroom is blue and green.  These colors soothe the eyes and create a serene vibe that prevents some health risks. Hence, science has even proven that this color can help reduce the occurrence of hypertension. This color also helps someone to maintain focus, especially in studying.

Go for pastel blue and green if there is a little natural light that waltzes into the room as it brightens the space. Meanwhile, an ultramarine and teal colors induce coolness that is suitable for hotter places—just do not go from darker blue to prevent being blue.

●         Bright Colors

Bright colors like red, orange and yellow are the popping colors that gratify people with vibrant, energetic, and outgoing hearts and personalities. These colors can stimulate the eyes that will enable the person to become dynamic. Hence, these vibrant colors will keep the mind alert and keep the blood rolling. Indeed, these colors are as exciting as your day.

●         Darker Shades

For a more elegant and modern character in your bedroom, black and gray colors are in style. Usually, black is only associated with men, but it is a chic color for women too. An accent of metallic objects like brass, copper, and silver, makes the room look robust and dashing.

A mix of white in a black-themed place balances the darkness of the room. Meanwhile, a gray-colored room creates a zen-like ambiance that is beneficial to the mind and inner peace. Hence, befitting those who have trouble sleeping.


Feature Texture Features

People tend to quickly associate the word texture to the characteristic of an object perceived through tactile. However, this word appeals to the visual sense, too. Although it is ancillary to your bedroom interior design, it is also a part of its more significant whole. The texture of the furniture, decor items, floor & wall coverings, and textiles,  adds oomph to your bedroom. Thus, these contribute to the holistic appeal of your room.

Parallel to the color scheme concept where the theme speaks of the owner’s personality, the textures in the room share, too. Commonly, the owner accentuates the room with either surface: rough and smooth,  and matte and shiny—or a harmonious fusion of all textures.

●         Matte

Rough and matte textures have commonalities when it comes to escalating the room. These usually uplift strong bonds or intimacy. The light reflected on these textures does not diffuse well, unlike smooth and shiny surfaces. Hence, rough and matte things placed in the room appear darker as these absorb light unequal.

●         Smooth

On the other hand, shiny and smooth-textured materials bring solitude and lustrous appeal to the room. These textures absorb light very well, creating a beaming view and intensifying the color of the materials. Hence, these give a warming sensation to the room—which can even thaw a cold heart.

●         Utilizing Patterns

Texture, as defined, is not only an appeal to the sense of touch but also the sense of sight. Therefore, the owner must take patterns that will capture the eyes. Horizontal, vertical, checkered, floral, and geometrical patterns are the typical textures usually found in the bedroom.

The horizontal and vertical lines create an illusion that elaborates the space of the room. Horizontal or flat line patterns make the room wider, while the place becomes taller when there are vertical or oblique line patterns. Hence, these lines have tricked the eyes, allowing it to believe that the room has expanded.

●         Other Designs

Furthermore, the floral-textured patterns incorporated in wallpapers and sheets exude brightness and connote the owner’s personality.  Roses, sunflowers, pansies, even entwining lush leaves, etc., are the common patterns. These patterns are a feast to nature lovers’ eyes as they can experience the outdoors indoors.

The geometrical decoration pattern will never be out of the league. Interior designers believe that geometric shapes and forms enrich the human spirit and equalize living areas that promote harmony in life. With that said, designers add geometric accents in pieces of furniture, painting, wallpapers, etc.


Elevate With Furniture and Stuff

A bedroom is not a bedroom without a bed, storage wares, and personal items that emphasize the room. Before putting furniture and stuff, recognize first the bedroom area, if it is narrow or wide, or big or tiny. By considering these matters, starting to put things together will never be hard.

●         The Bed

Primarily, the bed is the heart of the bedroom, a place of comfort where people rest after long hours of intensive work, or even take forty winks. Further, there are a variety of sizes of beds—from a single bed to a California King Bed. The size of the bed must fit the space of the bedroom. Hence, a smaller bed is for a smaller area and a larger bed for a bigger area.

After choosing the bed’s right size,  amplify it with stuff like mattress, sheets, and pillow and pillowcase. The body prefers a soft yet durable mattress to support the body. Bedsheets and comforters should be thick yet downy, perfect for cold mornings and evenings. Moreover, a soft yet comfortable pillow must be encased with a velvety pillowcase like the Mulberry silk pillowcase, which is the “best pillowcase for hair” and made from natural products.

●         Storage Options

Another vital furniture to look into is the closet, wardrobe, and cabinet. These are where the owner stores and organizes clothes, garments, shoes, and personal belongings. There are built-in storages and standard storages that should be in proportion with the items and possessions to avoid over-stuffing.

Moreover, the storage should not just be useful but also match the design to the interior. Wooden-textured storage creates a rustic feel in the room, while modern-looking and sleek storage emphasizes the bedroom’s elegance.

●         Decorative Stuff

Finally, after setting the bed and installing storages, the smaller details fill the gaps. Vases, sculptures, picture frames, and paintings are common things that lift the room.

Porcelain, marble, and clay are the most popular materials where vases and sculptures are usually made. Most people invest in home decors that add dramatic style in their bedroom, from Greek-inspired items to Asian-inspired ornaments.

Others search fragments of history that add grandeur to their collections. Hence, a room filled with vases and sculptures with engraved historical accounts is a haven for connoisseurs and historical-geeks.

A wall is like a blank paint canvas waiting for its painter to paint. Thus, a wall should have something on it like paintings or a family picture. The type of painting inside the bedroom reflects the taste of the owner in arts—abstract, realism, and charcoal paintings are the most common.

Hanging a collection of family pictures on the wall is a reminder to continue thriving each day. Hence, this idea does not just add aesthetic value but also gives a significant meaning in the room, the gift of family.


Hence, colors, textures, and furniture are just some of the many things to consider in developing your own bedroom’s style. This room is where comfort and privacy lie—a place where you can call yours. Indeed, a space that speaks for you.