Peru is a beautiful country located in South America. It has an amazing landscape to match its extraordinary history. The country is every backpacker’s dream. It is one of the most visited countries in all of South America and if you are hoping to learn or improve your Spanish skills, then it is the country to visit.

The Latin nation usually gets mistaken for other corrupt nations in South America and that is why you need to travel to Peru to see for yourself why it is the place to visit or volunteer. The people are friendly and hospitable. They have a history that dates back thousands of years and there historical wonders which will take your breath away. Choosing a volunteering program for your trip to Peru is important and it is vital to choose a program provider with great expertise and experience in providing the best volunteering programs to volunteers which is why the volunteer organization which has been mentioned below is the right fit for you.


Volunteer in Peru

Volunteer Peru to see for yourself why the country is the best place to volunteer and learn more about the country. The non-profit organization offers various volunteering options that are located in the Cusco, the historical city of Peru. There are up to 7 options for volunteers to choose from that are offered in the city.

Even though, it might seem that the country has grown considerably and that people are doing better than before, it is still important to mention that there many people in the country that still live way below the poverty line. It is hard for these people to survive in the country and it is estimated that up to 25% of Peruvians could be facing poverty.


Volunteer Programs

When a country faces poverty, it is the children who suffer the most from the economic instability and some might even have to work at an early age in order to survive. The volunteer options include providing these children with much needed teaching and child care support. There are many programs in Cusco such as programs which are targeted towards the health of the children, providing lessons to these children by teaching in one of the many schools throughout the city, internship opportunities to expand your knowledge and experience.

You can also volunteer at one of the many orphanages in Cusco or spend time at a daycare center. There are even programs in which you can add Spanish to the program and improve your Spanish while immersing with the locals.

The programs give you an opportunity to contribute to welfare of society. We are all connected and in some way the poverty of Peru may be affecting you. You will get to experience life in the beautiful city of Cusco through the program and meet new people, listen to the local music and eat the cuisine which is unique to the country.


Experience Spanish Culture

Spanish culture is all about living in the moment and enjoying every single moment of life. When you volunteer in Peru, you will get to experience Spanish culture first hand and learn to speak one of the most spoken languages in the world.

The people are highly hospitable and will go out of their way to make you feel right at home. It is a great way to spend the summer basking in the sun and enjoying the nature which the country has to offer. Experience a more meaningful life through volunteering in Peru with one of the best volunteering programs.

The sounds and way of life unique to the country will give you a more appreciation towards life and you will end up feeling more gratitude and happy by the time you complete your volunteer program in Peru.


Requirements for Volunteering in Peru

The program has some easy requirements which you need to fulfill. These requirements are as follows:

  • Be of at least 17 years of age: In order to take part in the volunteer program, it is important to be at least at the age of 17 years or older. It is important for you to be the right age in order to make the most out of the trip. There are options for younger volunteers who accompany their parents to the Peru for volunteering.
  • Be Healthy: It is important for you to be healthy so that you can make the most of the trip abroad. Consult your doctor before making the decision of volunteering abroad. The doctor will conduct relevant medical or fitness tests to ensure that you are healthy to participate in the program.
  • Have a passport: This is without a given, it is always necessary to have a passport with you in order to travel internationally, so don’t forget to have a passport with you or get one made before boarding the flight to this beautiful country.


Features of the Program

There are many features which come with the program such as 24/7 support in Peru when you volunteer in the country. The staff is committed to ensuring that you have a good time when you visit the country. They will help with all the arrangements such as providing you with safe accommodation options as per your needs. The staff is friendly and always ready to help you out with just about anything.

The accommodation options which are offered are diverse and the best option is provided to you to fulfill your needs and keep you satisfied. You can also have food made for you as it is a good option to eat food from places which are known to offer healthy and safe options.

Spanish lessons are offered to volunteers if that is what they want. No matter your level, there are many Spanish lessons for each and every learner to choose from. If you require Spanish lessons, then it is a good idea to book in advance to get the best teacher to provide you with Spanish lessons.


Flexible Work Schedule

The volunteer program is highly flexible and there are various work schedules to choose from such as 4 to 8 hours a day options. You will get to travel in your free time throughout the city and work as per your needs.

The volunteering organization provides you with the best work options so that you make the most of your trip and get enough time to travel in the city and meet the locals.


Airport Facility

The company offers airport facility when you travel to Peru. There will be a representative of the company who will pick you up from the airport. The facility is convenient for volunteers as the representative will pick you up and drop you off to your accommodation.


No Prior Language Requirements

The program does not require volunteers to have any knowledge of Spanish which is why it easy to take part in the program whenever you have time available. Take your friends along with you on the trip to make it more memorable.

There are also options for special groups such as people who identify as a certain minority.


Overview of the Volunteer Program

The volunteer program is offered to volunteers for a period of one week up to twelve weeks. No matter how long you would like to volunteer in Peru, there are many options for just about anyone.

You will enter the country through the Cusco Airport (CUZ) and can order a representative to pick you up. The work schedule is offered from Monday to Friday for 6 to 8 hours a day for volunteers. It is flexible and easy to schedule your work. There is also a requirement for a police check to ensure that you get to travel to the country.

There is also an option for a Spanish Immersion Lesson to improve your Spanish skills. The age requirements are relaxed and 17 year olds can travel on their own or with their friends. Anyone aged from 12 to 16 years of age can travel with their parents to Peru.

There are many major airlines which provide travel options to the country such as Lan Peru, Delta, Copa, American, Spirit, Iberia and Taca. One needs to also get vaccinated such as getting a routine vaccination, Hep-A and also Typhoid.


Volunteer in Cusco

Volunteer in Cusco, Peru to enjoy the time of your life. Volunteer during the week and visit Machu Picchu or any of the many historical sites to make the most of your trip. You will get to work with kids in schools, orphanages, daycares, or shelter home for people with special needs and teach English to the kids.

Volunteers will get to experience doing internships at various locations such as medical institutes or non-profit organizations. You can work at one of the many public hospitals or clinics. You can choose to live with a local host family to immerse yourself more easily to the language and culture.

The programs can easily be integrated with Spanish language classes. The programs are offered from one to twelve weeks. Experience the world with ABV in Cusco.


Why Volunteer in Peru?

If you are looking for a Spanish speaking country to immerse yourself in the culture, sounds and sights, then you need to volunteer in Peru for a memorable experience. Peru has poverty, lack of skilled professionals and diseases which is why it is important to volunteer in the country.

We all have a responsibility for the greater good and that is why volunteering in Peru is the best option. Make use of your skills when you volunteer as it will help broaden your horizons and see the world through a different view. There are many places where it is necessary for volunteers to travel to in order to provide services which are of great importance and due to the shortage of skills; such places require the services of volunteers.

When you volunteer in Peru with A Broader View Volunteers you get to volunteer with the best non-profit organization. The volunteer programs are centrally located in the city to provide you with the ease to travel throughout the country. Serve the interests of society with your skills.

Explore the Andean local community and culture in your free time to learn more about the world.


Type of Programs

There are various types of programs as per everyone’s needs which range from health care to education. The programs offered in Cusco are diverse. Volunteers are highly needed in Peru to help the millions who live way below the poverty line.

Peru is a developing country and there are many children who work on a regular basis to provide for their families. It is important to volunteer and provide services to these children in order for them to grow and get out of poverty.

The programs are catered towards women who belong to underprivileged backgrounds and children who require health care and education. The social programs offered in Cusco include internships at non-profit organizations, teaching English or other subjects at schools or volunteering at health clinics to increase awareness about major issues such as HIV and AIDs.

You can combine any of these programs with Spanish lessons to learn the language or improve your skills. The experience is rewarding. Volunteers of all ages are welcome to join the program.


Why Volunteer?

Volunteering helps you learn valuable skills such as new medical techniques and teaching skills. You get to work with one of the most trusted non-profit organizations in all of Peru which ensures safety of the volunteers.

There are even customized options to choose from which offer flexible working schedule options and a volunteering period that meets your needs. Volunteer to make the world a better place. Peru requires the skills of volunteers in order for the country to meet its needs. A Broader View will provide you with the best opportunity to make the most of your time abroad. The programs are geared to towards providing volunteers a great experience and you will get to learn Spanish and make new friends.