Relationships and marriages of the 21st century are getting a face-lift. Before now, you’d need to go on several physical dates together and meet parents, while distance was almost always a major deciding factor in the success of such endeavors. These days, several alternatives make the entire process easier for you especially if you’re looking to marry an exotic wife from a foreign country. Of these alternatives, the legit mail order bride business is the most successful one.


There are tons of dating sites out there but only a few stand out. While it is difficult to find one that is completely free of online dating scammers, with practice, you can find some that will make your online dating experience a breeze. These ideal platforms have expert moderators and up-to-date technologies to help you find your dream girl.

This article will be reviewing one of such platforms – YourMailOrderBride. But before the review, it’s important to discuss the mail order bride business.

What Is Mail Order Bride?

A mail-order bride is an adult woman who willingly registers on dating sites for men to approach her for marriage. Mail order brides usually come from different countries and regions and are very open about meeting and getting married to foreign men.


Are Mail Order Brides Legitimate?

Yes, mail order brides are legitimate and this business has been in existence for centuries. The brides are real people that voluntarily register on these sites. However, you have to be on the lookout for scams on some platforms. You can identify a scammer by being perceptive and taking certain other precautions when dating online.

About YourMailOrderBride Platform

YourMailOrderBride is an online-dating service review platform that was created by a team of online dating experts. This platform’s reviews of other dating sites are quite fair and reliable. It was established to give people the best experience while using dating sites to find love and tries to live up to that expectation.

However, it does more than just reviews other platforms. If you are looking for marriage, casual meetings, friendship, or just curious about ways to spice up your romantic life, YourMailOrderBride is on the ground to help you out. It also provides tips on how to find/ become the perfect partner. 

Just to be clear, there is no guarantee that you will find a wife from using this platform. All it does is source information from the best dating sites and link people who need their services up. A little caveat to note is that the platform makes use of provocative pictures of women for eye-candy purposes. So, if this is something you aren’t too comfortable with, you may get turned off. However, this doesn’t in any way take away from the legitimacy of the platform.

The User Experience (UX)

The platform is easy to navigate and finding ladies on it is a breeze. It sectionalizes women according to their country or region. So, if you are interested in meeting certain kinds of ladies from specific parts of the world (for example, Latin American countries) finding those kinds of ladies would not be that hard.

The platform also provides tips on women and how to get them to like you, thus making your quest easier. When looking through catalogs, several parameters can help you estimate your chances with women on any given platform. Parameters such as their response rate and the number of users online are made available to you which greatly improves the experience you have while using the platform.

The Design and User Interface (UI)

The design of the platform is what one would expect from a dating platform. It uses a lot of catchy images and text to keep users hooked. However, some of the text may be difficult to read especially for users with sight impediments. This is because the font size used is relatively small.

While in terms of practicality, this leaves room for improvement, it also helps keep the site compact. You can find more information with less action. You don’t have to do a lot of swiping and scrolling to find what you seek. It is just that simple and simplicity is a great thing in design.


The Chief Editor at YourMailOrderBride has 15 years of experience in online dating coaching. He also holds workshops where people attend and gain insights on how to build lasting relationships. His expertise, in addition to that of his team, lends credence to the quality of information and service that can be gotten on the site.

Data Protection

The privacy policy of YourMailOrderBride is one you should go through carefully before registering on the site. If you use the site, you accept to have the platform store your cookies and collect your browsing data. There is no guarantee that the data being collected is kept private.

The platform’s terms state that it may show users’ data to advertising agencies, debt collectors, law enforcement agencies, and any other authorities but only when necessary.

Customer Service

The customer service of YourMailOrderBride is top-notch and the good news is that on this platform, you get to have actual humans handle your help requests. When you need their attention, you can easily click on the customer service link and it will take you directly to the mail of the customer service head. Their response times are also commendable as they look to help users solve their problems.

Assistant Features

When looking for a mail order bride on the site, you will be asked some questions about age preference, and what region you want your mail order bride to come from. Now, if you are unsure about the region and you put in “undecided”, it will automatically generate the best options based on what the algorithm thinks you need. So it is good for people that need help deciding what they want. 

Verified Reviews

When it comes to sourcing dating advice nowadays, online platforms are your best bet. The best kinds are the ones with a proven record of having professionals dish out sound advice.  YourMailOrderBride only gives reviews and dating advice that is backed up by concrete evidence. This evidence provided by renowned and trusted advisory sites such as Men’sHealth, PlayBoy, Esquire and Men’s Journal points to the reliability of YourMailOrderBride’s reviews.



YourMailOrderBride provides the best dating website reviews and these reviews are aimed at connecting lonely hearts. If you are confused about the kind of girl you want, your preferences, and what women from different parts of the world are like, this platform can help with that. YourMailOrderBride also provides information on different kinds of women and how to attract them.

If you are looking for the best dating sites to meet women from Russia, Ukraine, Asia, Latin, Guam, Colombia, etc, YourMailOrderBride has done its research and recommends the best options to men and for the reasons stated above, we highly recommend it as a go-to platform for men seeking mail order brides.