Where To Find Facebook Emoticons

Emoticons are the new way to express your feelings over the internet. Whether you are happy or sad or angry, there exists an emoticon for every feeling. Previously, only iOS devices and WhatsApp had their own emoticons. However, now, Facebook has also introduced its own emoticons with a great range. There are now over 1200 emoticons on Facebook to choose from. Different feelings, different flags of different countries, certain foods, changing skin colours, all of these features and types of emojis are now available of Facebook Messenger as well. You can find more information on these types of facebook features on the mua fanpage facebook uy tín.


What Is An Emoticons And Where To Find Facebook Emoticons?

An emoticon is a small image or icon which depicts the feelings the person is feeling. Many people like to term them as ‘Emojis’. ‘Emojis’ have a completely different meaning. The word derived from the Japanese language and it actually means picture words. The Facebook emoticons are small images but not ‘picture words’.

To find Facebook emoticons, log in to your Facebook messenger. Open any particular chat. Look to your right near the thumbs-up, you will see a smiley face. You will be able to view and use a range of different emoticons, from smileys to animals to people, from food and drinks to objects and symbols. The emoticons you use will be added to the ‘Recently Used’ category on Facebook Messenger. They will be easy to use and find instantly.

How Do Emoticons Appear Automatically

Facebook has this feature where if you type certain symbols, the emoticons will replace them. For example, if you type ‘ : )’ , it will be replaced a smiley face emoticon. Similarly if you type ‘: D’, this symbol will be replaced by a grinning emoticon. ‘ : (‘ for sad face, ‘ : p’ for tongue sticking out, ‘ :’(‘ for crying, and many more. These are just a few examples.

How To Change The Colour Of The Emoticons

Till 2015, Facebook did not have the option of changing the colour of the emoticons. However, this feature was introduced near 2016 where Facebook thought that picking the desired skin colour for emoticons meant a better representation of the people around the world. To choose the desired skin colour for your emoticons, on your desktop, open Facebook Messenger and click on the cog. You may find it near your left hand side. Clicking the cog, a drop down menu will appear. There will be an option of ‘Settings’ which you will need to click. Once you open setting, a menu will appear in front of you. The emoticons will be at the bottom under the heading of Emoji. There, you can choose the desired skin colour for all your emoticons.

Changing the colour of the emoticons on an Apple device is a relatively simple process. All you will have to do is open your Facebook Messenger and click on the top right side where you see your profile picture. A list will open and you will have to click the ‘Photos, videos and emojis’ option. You can change your emoji colour there!


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