What Is Left Of Yahoo

At some point in everyone’s life, everyone has used Yahoo or had a Yahoo email address. Yahoo was one of those early web portals when the internet was first being developed.  This company is owned by Verizon communications. Along with being a web portal, this site also provided people with many types of different content. For example, Yahoo directory, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Answers, online mapping and advertising, etc. Yahoo was once the most popular news and media site with more than 7 billion views every month. However, during the 2000s, this web portal started to decline in usage.

Yahoo Services

Not only was it a web portal but Yahoo provided its users with other forms of entertainment as well such as Yahoo Media and news.

  • Yahoo had provided its users with over-the-internet communication services such as the Yahoo Messenger and Yahoo Mail. From 2007, Yahoo had offered Yahoo Mail with unlimited storage. It also provided a number of social networking sites and user generated applications such as Flickr, Yahoo 360, my BlogLog, Yahoo personals, etc. Yahoo, however, soon closed multiple application products and services such as the my BlogLog, Yahoo Photos, Yahoo Buzz, etc.
  • Over the years, Yahoo has offered its users with a lot of entertaining and eye opening content. Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Games in the form of flash game. These are just some of the content which Yahoo has provided over the users. It is needless to say that making their users satisfied with this web portal was Yahoo’s number 1 priority and aim. Near 2008, Yahoo also launched a site specifically for women searching for various advises. The site is called Shine.
  • Yahoo has also entered into partnerships with various broadband and internet service providers such as AT&T Inc., Rogers Communications, Verizon Communication and British Telecom. Yahoo has offered the users of such service providers with free content and a range of different services.
  • Yahoo has even offered mobile services such as ringtones and entertainment for the camera phones, including mobile blogging and instant messaging. It even introduced a search engine system for mobiles which is called the OneSearch. To get actual results from OneSearch a city name or zip code is required. It offers you all the related news, condition of the weather, business listings and even photos from Flickr. For movie fanatics, this feature was a must and it was amazing. This is because this feature would list down a specific movie and the cinemas where it was being played. It also listed the reviews of the movie along with any related headlines. And, with rising technology, till 2010 Yahoo had planned on bringing video chat to its mobile phones. The video chat option was relatively very easy to use. All you needed was an adequate working camera, a microphone and a screen (TV or cell phone). The instant messaging service in android version was not a people’s favourite. It wasn’t compatible with many devices and the IPad version had many options missing.


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