Bittrex, The Cryptocurrency Exchange 

Bittrex is a cryptocurrency exchange where digital money is traded. Its head quarters are in Seattle Washington. Bittrex was established in 2013 and was founded by Bill Shihara and two former Microsoft employees working as security professionals. Bittrex is not a regulated exchange under US Securities laws. It is ranked as the thirteenth largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily trading volume. The exchange is famous for the huge numbers of cryptocurrencies listed in it. Bittrex is worldwide pioneer in the Blockchain upheaval. They work for clients especially who require exceptionally quick exchange execution along with tried and true computerized wallets and industry driving security rehearses. 

They also work as Blockchain incubators. They put stock in Blockchain to give momentous arrangements. They also work to progress creative tokens which can change the perceptive and outlook of products, administrations and tasks internationally. 

In 2018 Bittrex listed a stablecoin which is claimed to be backed by USD, known as TrueUSD. Bittrex is the only exchange which has listed True USD. While after being listed by Bittrex, TrueUSD showed a spike in its price two times, up to 1.30+ USD despite its supposed price peg. 

Formerly the exchange had new user registrations temporarily due to high demand along with other exchanges; Binance and Bitfinex. But now they have opened there registrations again. Bittrex has now opened registration for new users as of April 10, 2018 after improving their infrastructure and upgrading their website. They have also announced their decision to de-list 82 cryptocurrencies which were violating their listing requirements. 

Bittrex has recently added support for NAGA (NGC) and has taken over more than 30% of NGC trading volume.  Trading can be done using US dollars held in signature Bank of New York, by corporate customers based in the prominent US states such as Washington, California, New York and Montana. You can call on Bittrex phone number to gather information on the listed cryptocurrencies and the trading process on the exchange. 

Why to Choose Bittrex Cryptocurrency Exchange 


Bittrex makes sure to have the best security features possible. It has a multi-range wallet technique to guarantee safety of a larger part of assets. It also has provided its customers with the facility of two factor confirmation and gives a large group extra security highlights to give multi layered assurance. 


Adaptable Exchanging Engine 

The custom built and adaptable trading engine makes sure that the requests are executed without any disruption. They also bolster outside exchanging stages  and algorithms exchanging through their broad APIs. 


Fast deposits and Withdrawals 

The observing stages are mechanized and effective enabling speediest exchanges. This also includes report on adjust, exchange and wallet data. 


Innovation and Development 

Bittrex supports both new and set up Blockchains. Bittrex strives to provide Blockchain advances and computerized tokens which are recorded after a thorough audit process. 


Commitment towards Compliance 

Bittrex gives special importance to all current US controls and diligently works towards averting, recognizing, and remediating unlawful conduct by clients along with virtual cash designers when they are using Bittrex exchanging stage or any other administration. 


Final Word 

Bittrex is a secure and highly functional cryptocurrency exchange where trading is fast and easy with a number of options to invest in. It has a commission fee of 0.25% on all trades and $10 charges on requesting paper copies with shipment fee of $1 per page.

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