10 Dell accessories that are the best for your laptop

Everything’s accessorized today. You just don’t want the device you buy, but also the goodies that come along with it. The goodies that make your handling of the device easier. And gone are the days when these goodies came as free addons when you bought the product. In some cases, the accessories of a particular device are valued higher than the device itself. Much like any other tech giant, Dell has its own range of accessories that it provides with its products.

As accessories no longer come free, Dell is your best-case scenario, with its long list of discounts and offers. Now you can shop at budget friendly prices for Dell electronics using best coupons for Dell accessories that can save you serious money.

The fact that Dell is one of the leading PC manufacturers in the world is not unknown. This American company has been there since the advent of internet and personal computer. Dell has made its name in the computer business by having their PCs configured to the customers’ specifications. But along with this, it has also started a wave of PCs that fit nicely at home as well as a workstation. Now, Dell is the third-largest vendor of PCs in the world and the largest shipper of PCs worldwide.

Now, it is plausible for you to already have a Dell PC as you’re reading this, which makes the above two paragraphs quite redundant. But even if you have some other brand’s PC/laptop, you’re probably looking for stuff to accessorize it with. And that is where I come in. In the upcoming lines, I will help you find the right set of accessories for your PC and see to it that your PC gets the absolute best.

10 best Dell laptop accessories

  1. Dell MS116 Optical Mouse

Image Source: Dell

If you’re looking for a simple, sturdy and reliable mouse to navigate your way on a computer screen, then, this should be your pick. It has optical tracking to keep you focused on your work. Its sleek design with smooth edges works with the curves of your palms and allows you to work at a stretch.

As is the convention today, it is an USB compatible wired mouse. It’s the perfect mouse pairing for your office PC.


  1. Dell KM7120W Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Image Source: Multitronic

If you’re not an active user of keyboard shortcuts, this keyboard-and-mouse combo is perfect for you. It can seamlessly switch between 3 devices anytime with just a click of a button. Both the keyboard and mouse can be instantly paired with multiple devices by Bluetooth.

Their batteries last 3 years, which is 3 times longer than its predecessor. Their functions, like program shortcuts and device pairing, can be customized as per your choice.


  1. Dell MS5120W Mobile Pro Wireless Mouse

Image Source: Insight

For the multi-tasker in you, here’s a wireless mouse that multi-tasks for you. It is possible to connect this Dell wireless mouse with two devices at once. Not just that, fast syncing through Microsoft Swift Pair allows you to connect this mouse quickly to your PC, be it by Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless. The 3-year battery life between charges means that it will wait till a proper alternative arrives in the market.


  1. Dell WM527 Premier Wireless Mouse

Image Source: Accessories Dell

A popular opinion among regular computer users is that their mice are too small and have a difficult grip. The solution to that problem is this ergonomic arch mouse developed by Dell. It has a 1600 DPI (dots per inch) and 5 clickable buttons but the icing-on-the-cake is its arched design, giving relief to your hand. That’s why it’s one of the popular Dell accessories going around right now.




  1. Dell WD19TB Thunderbolt Docking Station

Image Source: Dell

To connect your many accessories to your laptop, you need another accessory and this is the one. The thunderbolt docking station– as the name suggests- not only plugs in your many inputs to the laptop, but it also gives a boost charge of 130W.

It comes with a total of 11 ports which fulfil your USB, HDMI, Ethernet and audio needs. Call it the father of all Dell accessories, for what it does for you.



  1. Dell Pro Stereo Soundbar AE515M

Image Source: RedCorp

To enhance your conference calling experience, here’s your soulmate soundbar. Its 5W front firing speakers give you powerful audio while its 90Hz-20Hz frequency response offers exquisite sound quality and bass. The echo cancellation feature minimizes the noise in the call, allowing you to hear the words that matter.

The soundbar also provides an audio mode for an easy switch between a group call and a private listening vibe.



  1. Alienware RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard AW510K

Image Source: Pinterest

Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell that specializes in manufacturing gaming hardware. One of their many headliners is this gaming colour keyboard that can withstand your frantic keystrokes. Its N-key rollover feature means that you won’t lose simultaneous keystrokes while its RGB in-built lights mean that the game goes in pitch-dark.



  1. Alienware AW510H Wired 7.1 Gaming Headset

Image Source: Pinterest

A heavyweight substitute for your ordinary headphones, this headset has all the features a gamer looks for. It has smooth ear-and-head cushioning, adjustable noise cancellation, 7.1 surround sound that makes bad music sound good. It can be connected to your PC or your gaming consoles. It is one of the best affordable gaming headphones in the market.



  1. Alienware Wireless Gaming Headset AW988

Image Source: Accessories Dell

This wireless gaming headphone by Alienware is the ultimate thing in the market. It need not get better than this. With the specs of AW510H, it gives you the freedom to move around or do long hours of gaming or music. With a battery life of 15 hours, it will easily last your gaming night. And with the RGB lighting on the sides, you get the perfect party vibe with this headset.




  1. Alienware Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse AW610M

Image Source: Dell

What gamers need their mice to be is precise, quick and lightweight. This mouse by Alienware is all three. With a whopping 16000 DPI sensor and 350 hours of battery life between charges, this mouse is a powerhouse amidst gaming mice. Its customizable scroll speeds give you the choice to tweak your mouse as per your needs. And you can use it at a stretch for your intense gaming sessions.


These are some of the best Dell accessories for your laptop in the current market. Expect this list to keep changing in the future as Dell is a brand that continues to better the human computer experience. There are other minor accessories that are also provided by Dell but it is famous for the above ten. So, if you need highly efficient, stylish accessories for your laptop, Dell’s the brand to look up and you know now which models to search.


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