Humans have evolved over the years to always be drawn to the things that are beautiful. It is evident from the partners that people pick, and the flowers that they put inside their homes, and the décor they plaster the home with.

This is the very same thing that will get a buyer to skip over one home, but then fall in love with the next one. What they saw made them instantly decide they are going to buy that home.

Here’s what Israel from We Buy Houses Arizona AZ Home Offer had to say:

“Yes, humans are visual creatures, despite what people may try to say. This is the reason why your home needs to look good if you are going to sell it fast. What exactly should you be doing inside your home?”



A home should feel all sorts of cozy and welcoming. It should get the person living in it to want to sit down and let go of the stresses that they’ve accumulated all day. A home is a spa for both the body and the mind. A big part of this experience is the lighting.

The kind of lighting in your home should reflect the fact that a home is a place to relax. To this end, you would do well to do away with any brash and super bright lighting. These will only serve to make people feel as though they are in an interrogation room, or a surgery theater.

Instead, warm lights that are not so bright should be used. These can range anywhere from a soft yellow to a subtle orange. These will help people relax. To get them feeling energized, a smudge of white tones should help mimic daylight. You can get more tips on the best warm lights for your home by searching for the best home and DIY guides.


Deep cleanse.

It is frustrating when you are looking to buy a home, but then you get there and you are greeted by something ghastly in the bathroom or kitchen. If these open spaces look like this, then what of the hidden corners of the home?

This is the major reason why you need to do some serious spring cleaning before you put the home on the market. This will help get rid of mold that has formed on the bathroom tiles or in the kitchen. This can actually be an indicator of a deeper infestation.

Also, dust and dirt around the window sills should help eliminate an oft-overlooked bit of dirt. While you’re at it, crack open the windows. Let in some fresh air and get rid of the musty smell.

The things that are made of cloth should all be washed. This ranges from your own clothes, to the beddings and even the carpets. These tend to carry a lot of dirt with them, even if they are not visible to the eye.


Rely on sense of smell.

Even if you are blindfolded and led to a dumpsite, you will still know that you are not supposed to be there… unless you work there. The sense of smell is a powerful ally, to the holder, and an enemy of progress to those who it is against. If a buyer were to walk into your home, not see anything fishy, but still get a whiff of something ripe in the air, the deal would be off.

But what of the other end of the spectrum?

There are scents you can use that will readily disarm the buyer and get them to do business. You can think of scents that are associated with having a clean place, or scents that are pleasant. A good example of this is lemon. Once the scent hits the nose, the immediate image that will be conjured is that this home is fresh, and it is clean. Those two attributes are important.

It also shows that you have taken the time to actually clean the home. You must, then have taken quite good care of the home. You can also choose some of the other scents from the citrus family if you find lemon to be a cliché. Cedar, pine, basil and cinnamon are good scents as well.

Achieving this is quite easy. You can light some scented candles before the buyer arrives. This way, the scent will have already spread through the home, and will be faint enough to make subtle hints. You could also rely on a few drops of the associated essential oils in a diffuser to get the ball rolling.


Add life into the home.

An essential part of staging is the removal of personal photos from the wall. The photo of you smiling happily with your family could easily put off the buyer if they are an empty nester. In a similar manner, that lovely pet that you have will also have to get lost. Send them away to a sitter or people closest to you. The buyer could simply assume that home is not sanitary or is not clean and end up bypassing you.

While all these are basic tenets of staging, they end up making your home feel sanitized and, well, staged. While you are not looking to give the buyer a reason to walk away from the sale, the sanitized look of the home just doesn’t feel right. You can, however, change how the home feels.

While you are attempting to depersonalize the home, you can, in place of your pets and pictures, introduce plants.

Yes, against the white backdrop that is your super clean walls, a succulent evergreen breaks up the monotony of color and adds visual interest to that corner of the home. A variety of flowers placed strategically all over the rooms could help introduce life into the home, making it feel like a place that the buyer would want to be associated with.


There is no cut and paste method that will work for all clients. However, you must keep in mind that those buyers are individuals. While one may respond to one thing you do to stage the home, another will be repulsed by it. What you have to do is find the sweet spot between what works and what doesn’t.