Setting up a business goes beyond having the right amount of capital and finding the perfect location. You need to consider the image aspect because you want your business to be seen in a certain light by the clientele. Your image will make or break your brand.

Before you launch your business officially, you have to design a logo. The logo should not only stand out, but also effectively communicate what your brand products stand for.

There are some designers that will try to take shortcuts when creating your logo. They will just write your name and draw a circle around it. If you want your customers to respect you, the logo needs to be more creative than this. Put some thought into it.


Ideas that you can use when creating your Logo


1.Color is Important

Color is naturally and exclusively picked up by the brain once your eyes spot it. This means that color has the power to change the way one thinks about a certain image, object or any other appropriate presentation.

This means that the color you pick out must reflect the core image of your brand. You can effectively implement this by agreeing on a theme color that will be permanently integrated across all the business platforms.

You can choose a minimum of two color combinations for the logo. For example, if you want your brand to come out as playful and energetic, you can go for yellow and red (with yellow being the more dominant color).


2.Avoid Cliché

You may have come across several logos that may have looked almost similar. Such logos are usually influenced by trends. The logo may look good when you first create it; however, it could easily become ‘worthless’ after the trend ends.

As you design your logo, keep away from symbols or words that look trendy because they’re nothing but cliché. You can always use a reliable logo designer that will advise you on what’s the best design to use.


3.Visual Double Entendre

You may or may not have heard of the term ‘visual double entendre’. Entendre is simply a French word that stands for ‘meaning’.

Therefore, the entire phrase basically means applying a double meaning effect on your logo that will make it more intriguing to customers. In this case, it basically involves applying the use of an image with two meanings.


4.Custom Type

More often than not, logo seekers tend to go through a profile of templates and designs that are available in the designer’s website or portfolio. However, if you want your brand to stand out, you need to make sure that your logo designer puts in the much-needed effort.

A custom made logo that was designed from scratch is likely to make a better impression than one that was just picked out from a template design.


5.Own it

A successful company is one that carefully outlines a plan and uses a guide to effectively communicate its message. Coming up with a logo is a delicate process since you are creating something that will be the face of your brand for many years to come.

This takes us back to an earlier point where we talked about creating customized logos. You need to avoid copying other logo ideas and be completely original and self-creative. Own your logo.


6.Symmetry and Proportionality

Logo design is a process that needs accuracy and precise measurement. The aspect of adhering to symmetry and proportionality ensures that the logo is well balanced and is within the boundaries of consistent arcs and circles.

Take the example of any famous logo and you will notice that it applies mathematical symmetry to outline the edges.


7.Simplicity is Best

There are still some logo designers that make the mistake of misleading clients by creating a sophisticated logo. The disadvantage of this is that it can easily derail customers by giving off a look that doesn’t even make sense.

Logo design is not rocket science; therefore, you need to keep your ideas simple.


8.Meaning is Key

Every representation of something has to have meaning; otherwise it ceases to be useful. This also applies to logo design. Have a brainstorming session with the staff and designer. Outline the values of the company and try to create a logo out of them.

It would be a shame to craft a fish logo yet your company specializes in something very different.


9.Utilize Negative Space

Some logos have hidden meanings that go unseen for ages. This is owing to the fact that they wisely utilize negative space to include a hidden letter of shape.

A great example is the FedEx logo that has a hidden arrow in between the letters ‘E’ and ‘X’. I bet you’ve probably never paid attention to it. This is a smart way of making your logo stand out.


10.Active vs Passive

An ideal logo needs to be interesting to everyone that comes across it. You can choose to go with either an active or passive aspect.

An active one is one where motion is instilled giving it a sense of activity. A passive one is simply an image that appears to be stationary or not in motion.



One of the best ways to make your brand stand out is to create a logo. It could be a symbol or words. Whatever design you go for, make sure that it accurately represents your brand’s values. This will effectively communicate the brand’s message and lead to successful marketing.