Jewelry is becoming a popular ornament for people, here will introduce you some jewelry matching skills.

Black suit with necklace

Necklace and pearl necklace made of various beads are suitable for low-necked black clothes. The shirt collar and turtleneck black are suitable for exaggerated metal necklaces and silver necklaces. Thick gold or silver necklaces can also be worn with diamond earrings and necklaces.

Black suit with silk scarf

Brightly colored scarves, silk scarves, and black clothes are even better. The popular animal prints in recent years are very eye-catching with black fashion. Whether it’s animal print boots, scarves, shawls or gloves, hats, purses and more.

Black clothes with leather bag

Do you have leather bags and shoes that you have never woen in your cabinet? For example, red shoes, pink-green backpacks or fluorescent-colored belts that you like very much. Bought them back before but didn’t have clothes to match; black clothes are the best companion to accompany these accessories.

Black clothes with hairstyle

Pretty short hair, you can make you look good in black. Women with long hair, tied to the popular ponytail in recent years, or put long hair on the head, will be more abundant. The color of the oriental people is black, the skin is yellow in color, wearing black will seen lethargy. If you want to put down your long hair, you must comb it neatly. It is also a good idea to tie a princess head.

Ring and nail polish match

If it is a K gold or silver ring, any nail polish color is suitable, but if it is a color gemstone ring, the color of the nail polish should be carefully selected. It is best to use a series of near-skinning nail polishes, most of which can be coordinated with them. Red bright nail polish should match the strong color rings such as rubies and jade; pearls and diamond rings are suitable for light-colored nail polish. The pink series of nail polish is only suitable for rubies, but not for sapphire rings.

Pearl jewelry and wedding dress match

First of all, the style of pearl jewelry is divided into: ring, earring, necklace,  bracelet, brooch, pearl string, etc., can be used with a variety of styles of wedding dresses. Taking the pearl chain as an example, it is very suitable for a wedding dress with a neckline, a thin shoulder strap, a shoulder style and a cup style. With the pearl chain, it not only highlights the beautiful lines of the bride’s neck, but also can add a noble and elegant temperament of wedding dresses.

Pair of pearl long chain and open back wedding dress

The long bead string has the finishing touch when wearing a halter-style wedding dress. When the bride wears a halter-style dress, she can wear a long bead string to make a variety of changes, such as wearing a long bead string with a scarf-like draping method, or wearing a bead string in a gradual manner behind the dress. Let the pearls have a natural drape effect, making the bride’s back curve more beautiful.

Fat ladies wear jewelry tips

When wearing this type of jewelry, you should weaken your sides. For this reason, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. should choose a dull color and a simple shape. The pendant shape of the necklace should be long, thin, large and colorful. The jewelry is bright and charming, and it is easy to attract others’ attention, which makes people pay less attention to the wearer’s body shape. Bracelets or armbands should be wide. If they are thin and small, they feel that the arms are thicker. Fat people should choose a narrow-necked ring, which will make people feel that your fingers seem to grow longer and beautify.

Slim women wear jewelry tips

This type of body is characterized by its thinness and slender neck. The principle of choosing to wear jewelry is to lighten the center and light up on both sides. In order to make the neck look shorter, necklaces and pendants should be small and simple, and should not be too long. Earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. should be more gorgeous, such as wearing a slightly larger ring of pendants on the ears, wearing a slightly thicker bracelet on the wrist, so that the ears, arms and hands can be captured people’s eyes but not feel that they are not too thin.

Short women wear jewelry tips

This type of body is characterized by a low body and weak body, so the principle of choosing jewelry is to soften the softness. The necklace should be chosen to be slender and simple in shape. It is best to choose a light pearl pendant with it. As for earrings and rings, they should be properly thick and thin.

Tall women wear jewelry tips

This type of body is characterized by a tall body and a strong body. The principle of dressing is similar to that of the thin type. It should be light up both sides and fade the center. However, it should be noted that the necklace should be thick and long, and the shape of the pendant should be large and rich. The jewelry set on the ring and the earring should be matched with the primary and secondary, which is more suitable for the strong body.

Purple series ring and nail polish matching skills

Wearing a purple jade ring, such as amethyst, should use pink micro-striped nail polish. At this time, do not use purple nail polish that is too dark, so as not to overshadow the color of the jade itself.

Green series ring and nail polish matching skills

The green jade or enamel ring can be paired with fresh peach, apricot or shiny coral red nail polish, and the effect is extraordinary.

Jade series ring and nail polish matching skills

A shimmering, non-colored nail polish that can be worn with a multi-angled jade ring, the light is reflected through the jade of the ring and complements the color of the nail polish.

Diamond ring and nail polish matching skills

The diamond itself has a very dazzling brilliance. Applying light-colored nail polish when wearing a diamond ring will make the finger look soft and elegant. If you use bright color nail polish, you can apply a layer of surface varnish on the nail polish to highlight the diamond ring’s dazzling brilliance.

Silver and jewelry ring and nail polish matching skills

Silver and jewelry rings, whether trendy or conservative, are best paired with pink, peach or bold orange nail polish. Red or purple nail polish will remove the natural luster of silver and jewelry.