10 Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again That Will Ruin Your Carpet

Making your home look nice isn’t always easy. There are so many things that go into making your home presentable, it can be hard to know where to begin. Aside from having a floor plan that’s open and inviting, the two biggest things you can do to help your home feel like more than a house is making sure both the walls and floors look nice.

These two things are in every room of your home, and they’ll be what dominates the visual areas of both you and your guests.

Carpet can be a great way to make a room feel cozy and warm, but it isn’t always the easiest to take care of. Much more work may have to go into it, more than if you were to install a more easy-going engineered wood flooring.

The benefits are high, however, with noise reduction and that Christmas morning coziness, all year round.


The Dangers of Not Maintaining Your Carpet

It’s important to thoroughly research carpet before you install it in your home. Decide if the benefits outweigh the work that goes into it, or you can be left with an eyesore.

Many people don’t know intuitively how to care for carpeted floors. In a home without pets or children, this may not matter so much. However, in a home with high levels of foot traffic and daily life messes, there are plenty of mistakes novice carpet owners can make that could possibly damage their flooring.

This doesn’t have to be your reality. Instead, keep these mistakes in mind. With proper knowledge and foresight, they can be avoided. Once you’ve learned of these mistakes, you’ll be sure to never make them again.


Waiting Too Long Between Professional Carpet Cleanings

Many people try to save money where they can, carpet cleaning including. The idea is, vacuum the carpet often enough, and everything’s okay. Once things start looking more than a tad bit dirty, or even begin to smell, it’s time to call in the professionals.



By the time a carpet looks or smells dirty, it already has been for quite some time. Buildup will cause tearing and abrasions deep in the carpet hairs, leading to premature aging, costing you more money in the end.


Not Doing Your Own Maintenance Work

Additionally, some people don’t take care of their carpets. However much pain it might seem, a quick daily vacuum is essential to the health of your carpet, especially if you have children: four-legged or two. Call in the professionals about once a year, but don’t neglect your own cleaning and maintenance duties.


Thinking That A Carpet Is Only Dirty When Stained

This is a misconception so common almost everyone believes it, so don’t feel bad if you do too. You may not notice how dirty a carpet is until there are dirt spots, scuff marks or even stains left from food or drink. However, there are thousands of tiny particles assaulting your carpet, all invisible to the naked eye. These come from air conditioner vents, particles of dust and pet dander, and even tiny specks of dirt. All of these quietly build up until, finally, they become something bad enough to notice.


Thinking That All Kinds of Carpet Cleaning Is the Same

There are numerous ways to go about cleaning a carpet, whether it be an area rug or an entire floor of carpet fibers. There are both wet and dry cleaning methods, and they each have their own pros and cons. Before you hire a good cleaning service, be sure which method you want performed. By doing your research, you’ll save money and time.


Choosing The Cheapest Carpet Cleaning Service

Saving a buck here and there isn’t a bad thing. Keeping a tight rein on finances can improve the quality of life and overall happiness in the home. However, frugality is no longer frugal when the only factor taken into account when making a decision is price. When choosing your carpet cleaning service, try to go for someone with midline pricing. This allows you to still get a good deal, while at the same time not skimping on the services your carpet needs.


Not Testing Cleaning Products Before Use

For regular, everyday cleanup of spills, you’ll be doing the cleaning yourself. Often, you’ll want to use specific products to get the job done. This is great, but keep something in mind: not every product will react well with every carpet. Some fibers will be destroyed by your standard, store-bought cleaner. Always test on a small, inconspicuous area of the carpet before going hog wild with your cleaning.


Using Deodorizing Powder Too Often

It’s understandable. You want your carpet to smell fresh and clean. However, overuse of these powders can lead to permanent carpet damage due to a buildup in the carpet fibers, since vacuums often miss particles. Use them sparingly, and never as a way to clean up a spill.


Scrubbing Stains

A common reaction to a stain or spill is to grab a rag and vigorously scrub until everything looks clean. This will badly damage your carpet, however. Instead, blot with a towel and then use a high-quality stain remover.


Acting Too Slowly

We’re all busy, but sometimes our quick pace of life can have unintended consequences. If we leave a spill, it’s more likely to stain. Depending on what the spill is composed of, it can also damage or stiffen the carpet. Clean spills the moment you notice them.


Using the Wrong Products

Finally, be careful what products you use to clean your carpets. Not every product has a magical fix. In fact, some do little to nothing. Others can slowly destroy your carpet so badly it can never be repaired. Contact a specialist and see what products are appropriate for your carpet.

Keeping a well-maintained carpet is a balancing act between you and a good professional cleaning service. Daily maintenance and cleaning by your own hands, and a deeper clean once or twice a year by a trusted professional. Looking for carpet cleaning Brisbane? Give us a call and set up an appointment!