Showering has many benefits. It is the time of the day where you get to truly relax and wash all your worries away. Sometimes, all you need is a shower after a long day at work. However, that does not mean that you should just wash yourself during your time in the shower, instead, there are different objects that can be used to customize and optimize your shower experience. If you want to take your shower experience to the next level, then this post is just for you as it looks at the top 10 objects that will customize your shower experience.

  1. Wine Or Beer Holder

There is nothing better than a wine or beer holder, especially one that is in the bathroom. It provides you with a great opportunity to incorporate your favorite drink into the daily shower routine. The wine or beer holder can also be used for other drinks like a fresh orange juice which is incredibly healthy. Moreover, the wine or beer holder can be used to enhance the look of your bathroom.

  1. Bluetooth Speakers

If you add up all the time you spend in the shower or bathroom every year, you will come to realize that it is a lot of time that can be fully utilized. Relax your time away in the shower by getting funny Bluetooth speakers. They will help transform your shower experience. You can also listen to podcasts, music, and audio books. The Bluetooth speakers are a great way for you to listen to your favorite music and catch up on audio books. You can listen to funny podcasts and a lot more with Bluetooth speakers. The Bluetooth speakers are available in different styles. No matter which type of Bluetooth speaker you are looking for, there is bound to be one that suits your requirements. A Bluetooth speaker can also be used to answer to all your calls without having to look for your phone or touch it with your wet hands.

  1. Loofah-Like Band

If you want to pamper yourself and look your best, then you need a loofah-like band.  It is the perfect item that helps you exfoliate the entire back without having to put any strain on your arms. The loofah-like band has a coarse side and a smooth one. The smooth side can be used for polishing, whereas, the coarse side can be used for exfoliation. A loofah-like band is the ultimate item that you need in the shower. Your back will get to see better days. It is available on Amazon.

  1. Waterproof Notepad

When you take a shower or bath, it is the time of the day where you get some amazing ideas. However, it can be frustrating to recall all of these ideas when you leave the bathroom. But, now you do not have to worry about forgetting all those world-saving ideas as you can get a waterproof notepad to write them down. There is no item you need more than a waterproof notepad. It also makes for the perfect bathroom gift for a house welcoming party. The waterproof notepad is easy to use and you can be rest assured knowing that whatever you write down would not be removed by water.

  1. Body Lotion

The best place to apply body lotion is the bathroom. If you want to apply body lotion on your entire body after a shower, then you need to get a body lotion which you can place in the bathroom. It is the perfect place to put on body lotion as you can head straight to bed afterwards. This is especially true for winters.

If you do consider getting body lotion, make sure to get a holder for it as well to ensure that it stays in its place and you do not leave it somewhere else. It might seem like a lazy move, but is in fact a smart one. Besides, the lotion would be absorbed by your body immediately and you will not have to worry about any uncomfortable stickiness post-shower.

  1. Curtain With Pockets

Sometimes, you need your phone with you at all times. This is why it is a good idea to get curtains that have pockets. This will also help reduce the clutter in the actual shower. The pockets are the perfect place to place your underwear or panties when you take them off. The pockets tend to be waterproof. This means that when put your underwear back on after you have showered, they would remain perfectly dry. The pockets will keep your mobile phone safe. Besides, if you ever get an important call while you are showering, you can immediately answer the call.

  1. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Take your shower experience to the next level by attaching an aromatherapy diffuser to the showerhead. It will provide you with water stream that smells absolutely amazing. Thus, you can experience a therapeutic shower. Once you step out of the shower, you will smell irresistible. Keep in mind that the aromatherapy diffuser will make you feel so relaxed that you might end up feeling sleeping. The aromatherapy diffuser is the perfect item that you need in your shower to get the best sleep.

  1. Towel Warmer

Experience the ultimate post-shower bliss by investing in a high-quality towel warmer. With the towel warmer, you can gently pat your body to ensure that you do not damage your skin. Thus, your skin will look its best.

  1. Showerhead With Digital Temperature Display

There is nothing better than stepping into the shower that has just the right temperature. Get a showerhead with digital temperature display to make sure that step in just in time to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating shower.

  1. Feet Pedestal

Finally, feet pedestal is the best item that you could get for your bathroom. It makes shaving less painful and a lot easier. You can easily rest your feet on the feet pedestal as you shave your legs.