When somebody mentions bingo you would be forgiven for conjuring up images of massive halls full of blue-washed old grannies. Surprisingly though, bingo enjoys a wide range of players from all walks of life – even famous celebrities.  Rather than expend their energy giving rambling speeches at award shows or sipping martinis on super-yachts, these celebs pass the time playing exhilarating games of bingo.

Most of them don’t even try to hide their love of the game by playing online bingo but rather choose to enjoy the game out in the public eye. Of course, rather than going for the jackpot themselves, more often than not the celebrities are playing to raise money for charities or hosting charity-themed games.

Let’s have a quick look at how five of the most prominent A-list bingo players in the world get their number-ticking fix.


Mick Jagger

Who would have thought that British rock ‘n roll idol and sex god Mick Jagger would have eventually accepted his old age and joined the masses in the local bingo hall? Sadly – as enjoyable as that image is – Sir Jagger actually hosts bingo parties at his sprawling mansion in Richmond, England, rather than attending the local bingo hall. So popular is his love for bingo that a hotel in Australia has even organized a a Mick Jagger-themed bingo night in his honor.


Robbie Williams

Not one to be overshadowed by the efforts of his fellow countrymen, Robbie Williams is another British singer who enjoys ticking off numbers and shouting out ‘Bingo’! The famous crooner and ex Take That star has been known to both play and host bingo games, often in conjunction with other celebrity friends. Rather than teaming up to win the prize, Robbie and friends organize the games to raise money for various charities like Make-a-Wish Foundation or Habitat for Humanity.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Portuguese football superstar Christiano Ronaldo admitted to his love of bingo in an interview with Sport.es, an online Spanish publication. He says he got addicted to the game while he was using it as a way to learn English after joining British football team Manchester United. UK magazine The Telegraph even published a Cristiano Ronaldo themed cut-out bingo game in one of its papers.


Kate Moss

That’s right, even young, beautiful models can’t escape the draw and excitement of a raucous game of bingo. British supermodel Kate Moss somehow finds the time in between fashion shows and photoshoots to spend some time enjoying a quick game of bingo with her kids.  According to a 2011 Vogue magazine article, the model has tamed down her wild ways since having children and now has a “really good time, doing things normal grown-ups do.”

Actress and close friend of Moss, Sadie Frost, spoke of how the model has embraced a “quieter, more family-orientated life” and said that she is a huge inspiration. The two friends are both godmothers to each other’s children, Iris and Lila.


Courtney Cox

The famous Hollywood actress who once played Monica Gellar, the highly-strung sister of bumbling archeologist Ross in the ’90s NBC sitcom ‘Friends’, is also an avid bingo fan. Like Robbie Williams, Cox has been known to help host a weekly LA charity bingo event, Legendary Bingo, along with fellow actresses Daryl Hannah and Tori Spelling, showing that bingo can be popular in the US and not just the UK.

The actress is also featured in a Friends-themed online bingo game from Foxy Games along with co-stars Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Leblanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer.

As you can see, the exciting game of bingo is a far cry from the image of a “boring old people’s game” that it has been tainted with. Next time your gran asks you to join her at the local bingo hall, don’t be so quick to say no – you might be surprised at who you’ll see there!