With the global upturn in online business since last year, it has never been more important for small businesses to harness a trending style of web design for their site. Here are ten popular web design trends in 2021.


Enter into the world of web design trends and navigate your branding from a new perspective. By creating a website that is designed with trends in mind, you can almost guarantee that it appeals directly to your target audience. From bold colours to interactive features, there is a lot going on in the world of web design today.

It has never been as crucial to have a website that customers love to use. Online shopping statistics have gone through the roof since the start of the pandemic; more people than ever before are choosing to shop on the web for even the most basic of products and services. From food shopping to clothes, finding restaurants and booking plumbers. The consumers of the world are calling for a shift from premises to websites, and this is happening fast.


10 Trending Web Designs in 2021.

1. Bold Colours

The colours you use on your website should always be brand focused. Your target audience will thrive on a website that links with the branding on your socials and email bulletins. However, it can be a great idea to rebrand some of your colours each year to match those colours trending online. This year, grey and bold yellow have been the two colours everyone is talking about. Using these on your website to create an expressive and optimistic design will help engage customers. IKEA uses yellow within its branding to great effect. Make sure that you transfer this design over to your branding on your socials and any other platforms you use to display your business.

2. Minimalism

Modern age minimalism is an important trend to follow this year. People want to clearly see what you are offering and engage with it in a simplistic fashion. Minimalism is a great way to achieve this without any fuss. The Post Family website is a great example of a minimalist site.

3. Animation

Animation is big in modern-day web design, from short video clips to animations that pop up when you interact with a website. It is something to be considered when you are designing your website. This year parallax animation is a big trend, where the background image travels slower than the foreground to give the illusion of a journey of movement. Interactive animations are also very popular this year for on-trend creative web design. Webpop Design has a great example of interactive animation on the testimonials section of their website.

4. Side-Scrolling

Websites are currently using side-scrolling to catch the eye of their audience. Many apps and websites currently scroll down, and people are used to scrolling on their social media accounts and search engines. Canva uses side scrolling to select from its template options to great effect. Side-scrolling takes a new approach and can be a brilliant way to easily captivate your audience.

5. Scroll-Triggered Animation

Having distinctive lines and miniature animations that are scroll-triggered is another trending way to capture the attention of your audience. It is a method used for drawing their gaze to the part of your website that you want them to focus on. With this idea, less is more. Do not start using scroll-triggered animation on every page of your website or it could be a big turn-off. Using a minimal amount can be very effective, however, as it is a nice gimmick to have as seen on Green Chamelion.

6. Micro-Interactions

Be the website that has that something extra in 2021. Micro-interactions give an aspect of your website for your audience to engage with, as showcased on Infrared. It creates a space where they are in direct control over your site. This can invoke natural endorphins and create an affiliation between that one potential customer and your business. Micro-interactions are a great way to build a rapport with a customer that isn’t just social media interaction based. They engage the user on a deeper level and give them restricted autonomy on your website, which can be hugely beneficial.

7. Zoom Function

You want your website to be highly accessible to everyone. The more you broaden your horizons on this aspect, the more people you have within your demographic. A zoom function can be a great way to start doing this. It also keeps your company up with the competition, as so many businesses are now utilizing this feature. Zoomify is a great tool to use to allow customers to zoom in and out of images on your website. It can bring its own problems if the feature does not work properly, so ensure you test it comprehensively across all the major platforms.

8. Big Titles

Using a big title that cannot be missed is a website design style. People have more choices in the sites that they go with and are spending a lot less time reading text online. You need to have a website that instantly tells the user what they are looking at, check out Coca Cola’s UK site as a perfect example. It can help to animate behind the title too, as long as it remains clear and simple to read.

9. Abstract Images

Draw attention to titles or specific areas of your site with abstract shapes and images. This is a well-used trend of web design this year as it draws the attention of the user to the specific areas the business wants them to see. Flying Tiger uses abstract images and text on its website and within its branding to achieve this result.

10. Accessibility Awareness

Accessibility is as important as ever in web design and is, as such, not a trend. However, the methods by which you make a site accessible are. Create a website that is usable by as many people as possible within the current operating systems of the time. Lonely Planet have made their website one of the most renowned for accessibility. They even have an ADHD accessibility profile. Use a simple system that guides the user throughout the site. Use analytic software and user feedback to harness the potential of your accessibility.


It’s Not Too Late for 2021

With Autumn around the corner, now is the perfect time for you to make the changes to your website. Keep current, and your business has a great chance of receiving the optimum level of traffic and, in the end, sales. Stand out and be bold in your choices. By following these trends, you have the highest chance of success for your website in 2021.