It’s no secret that online casino is a huge industry, and is growing rapidly. We see a lot of news and advertisements about the bonuses and promotions, but what about the technology that actually makes it all happen? There’s a lot of work involved in running an online casino, from hosting and launching the HTML5 games to facilitating rapid payouts. All of this involves constant technological development, and the tech deserves some credit.

In this article, we look at some of the specific tools, software, and tech that are contributing the most to the growth of online casinos. Keep reading to find out more!


Casinos Without an Account

Due to regulatory limitations, no-account casinos are not available everywhere. For example, the UK Gambling Commission outright bans such casinos. However, in some countries, it’s caused a huge influx of new players. Finland is one of the countries leading the trend with no account casinos, advertised as kasino ilman tiliä to the locals.

There is no registration involved, no lengthy processes, simply make a deposit and play your favorite games. It’s no wonder why most of the casinos in Finland and Sweden have implemented this feature. It’s controlled by software that can verify users by using their bank card automatically. The process takes just a few seconds and has helped operators to increase revenue dramatically.


New Banking Methods for Instant Payouts

 Thanks to implementation with PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Trustly, and Zimpler, online casinos can now pay winnings significantly faster. Turnaround time has reduced from around 5 days to as little as 24 hours. Some players used to be put off by the long withdrawal process, but e-wallets and intelligent payment facilitators have made this a thing of the past.

Casinos have also improved their internal and backend processes. Payment teams have new compliance software that can verify wins and identities quickly, allowing them to approve payments in a much shorter timeframe.


HTML5 and Better Mobile Gaming

Having to sit at a computer to play online casinos is enough to put anybody off. It’s not private, and it can be downright uncomfortable and inconvenient. Along came HTML5; a whole better way to make online slots. A lot of developers made the switch from clunky and slow Flash to HTML5, and so most casino games can now be played on mobile.

These games are also developed with every operating system in mind, from IOS and Android to Windows, macOS, and Linux. Developers are working hard on compatibility to not alienate particular players. This is another huge reason behind the growth of online casinos.

The Future of Online Casinos

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, the industry continues to surprise us. Online casinos now do things better and faster than ever before, thanks to the tech behind the platforms.

We expect this trend to continue, with better games, faster-loading websites, higher levels of encryption, and much more in the years to come. Keep a lookout for amazing new technology like virtual reality games and more live casino options.